A Trip To Marina Beach, Chennai

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The start of the year has been amazing for me. About a week after new year’s celebrations, I got a call to pack my bags for Scuba Diving event that was going to happen in Pondicherry.

this is where all started


I started swimming a few months ago and won national para swimming championship as well. And my next goal was to swim in a sea, be inside it and explore the cool mysterious world that I used to see on Discovery channel. So I was kind of super excited to visit marina beach! Because I had never been inside a sea before. In fact, I had seen it only in pictures or TV.


We were supposed to gather in Chennai first. Then on 21st January, we were to leave for Pondicherry. I reached Chennai on the 20th morning and few of our group-mates were already there. Our stay was at Sri Savarana Guest House. So we decided not to waste our day resting in bed when Marina beach is not very far from the place where we were staying. We freshen up, had biryani in lunch and left by noon.


marina beach, chennai
sand blocking our way to heaven

If you are in a wheelchair like me, then let me tell you, you need a lot of manpower if you are planning to visit marina beach. In sand, you can’t propel your wheelchair. And the sea seemed very far from where the sand border started. There were four of us on a wheelchair and three people were accompanying us. Two of them were like kids. Not very powerful to perform the task. It might sound easy but it’s like climbing a mountain if you start doing it. So we asked around if there is any ramp or anything because I had read some news regarding it. But alas, the ramp was washed away in last Tsunami and was never rebuilt again.

I was frustrated because I could see the glimpse of the sea from the road but couldn’t go there. But the day was in our favor and few young aged couples showed up. Three solid built boys and two girls. They were so helping. One by one, with the help of all of them, we were there on the beach. And it was so amazing that I cannot tell you!

marina beach, chennai
enjoying the sea? lovin’ it

As soon as I reached there, I wanted to be inside it. I wanted it to let the sea swallow me, literally! But it was illogical and the people I was with weren’t going to let me do it, so I improvised. I went as far into the sea as I could go on my wheelchair. I was like half-drowned. The waster was almost touching my seat when waves came. The sprinkle of the water on my body when the waves hit me gave me orgasms. Like I can’t tell you how full of joy I was to be there.


our team at marina beach chennai
Our gang and the couple who helped us and Shahil standing behind in the sea

I had heard somewhere about a dog going to the beach for the first time. It like gets mad with joy when it sees the sea. I was feeling like that dog. My sister, who was there with me, remarked that I had never been so happy before. You could literally see the happiness on every inch of my body! There was only one more person who seemed to be enjoying the fullest and who looked happy. It was my friend’s, Suraj’s, brother, Sahil, who had come with him.


marina beach, chennai
crazy me with my happy sister


Want to know how it feels being so far in the sea? Have you ever smoked marijuana? Yes, it was so good that I felt like I was on pot. Even better. Don’t tell anyone, but I have tried many things to get high but it was the only and very unexpected thing which made me high. You might feel like I am exaggerating things here. But trust me, I am not.


It was late and I was wet(pun intended). We had to think of the couples who were waiting to get us back from the beach to the road. And everyone else was waiting for me to get out of the sea. I had to come out when they, including my sister, threatened to leave me there.



I always carry a set of spare cloth, in case of emergency to change. Had some cold drink that the couples offered us which we should’ve been offering them. To buy more time on the beach I proposed that we eat something in the stalls there before living. But few sports spoilers were tired and wanted to rest. So our Uber arrived. Everyone exchanged goodbyes and I bid mine to the sea promising that we will see each other again.


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  1. Loved the blog! It’s great seeing inspiring people like you enjoying life to the fullest in the face of millions of problems.
    Also, on a lighter note, I hope you had a gamcha with you to wipe before changing clothes.
    Take care

    1. Purushottam says: Reply

      Thank you so much for going through the blog. I am happy that I inspired you.
      And yes, I had a gamchha with me. 😉

  2. I have no words what to say but One word i can say is you are amezing boss …..i am glad to have people like you in my life.😘😘😘😘

    1. Purushottam says: Reply

      Thank you so much buddy. Pleasure is all mine. 🙂

  3. Love this article 🙂 Due to I’m a travel freak so I’ll love to read this article fully when I’ll get some time.

    As of now I take glance of the same and obviously, I just love this piece of article 🙂

    1. Hey Chitra,
      Thanks for being here. I’m sure you will love this article when you will read it.


    It’s great seeing inspiring people like you enjoying life to the fullest in the face of millions of problems.
    As of now I take glance of the same and obviously, I just love this piece of article 🙂

    1. Hey there,
      This blog post was written by my friend Purushottam as you can see in the post. I am blessed by the feedback.

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