Basic Survival Skills to Keep You Alive In The Wild

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If you ask me, ” Hey Prabhakar, Why Should I waste my time on learning these basic survival skills? I live in a super cool and well-equipped apartment and I am a millionaire. or, My city is least prone to any natural or man-made disasters. or, blah blah blah “. Then You must know shit happens. It can happen today, next week or maybe never. Maybe you are not expecting a survival situation or you love to test your limits in the wild. Whatever be the reason, You must be ready to jump in. And to jump in, You must have the knowledge of few basic survival skills.

Skills: Hunting, Fishing, and Other Skills to Survive the Wilderness: (Survival Guide, Survival Gear)

Top 10 Survival Tools for your trip to wilderness

survival skills, basic survival skills
Survival in the wild

Basic survival skills #1

Your attitude or willpower to survive

There may be dozens of skills and maybe you also know many of them. But, what if you get out of your sanity and lose your control over mind when it really hits the fan? none of your skills are going to help you in that situation.

when you’ll have your full conscience, you will be able to determine the following:

how and when to utilize any survival skills?

how to prioritize the skills in that order?

To help you more, let’s start with the survival rule of three, which says:

A human being can survive for

  • 3 minutes without air
  • three hours without shelter
  • 3 days without water
  • three weeks without food

These are the extreme conditions but will help you draw a line. with the help of above data, you will easily prioritize the needs that are first water then shelter and finally food.

Do not Panic. You will only make it hard.

There are chances that when you are caught in a survival situation you may panic. This will only make things hard for you. To make things easier and keep yourself calm you can follow the SPEAR rule. It stands for Stop, Plan, Executes, Assess, Re-evaluate. By following this in that order you will keep anxiety away. You will keep yourself engaged in constructive tasks and help yourself survive more easily.

Basic Survival skills #2

Finding right materials for the shelter

Whenever you are stuck in an adverse environmental condition like the desert, rainforests, or snowfall areas, You may or may not ready for those conditions. Deserts may have temperature as high as 55-degree Celsius. On the other hand, Polar areas can drop to as low as -20-degree. The human body is not made to survive these extreme conditions for long durations. So he builds shelters to make the climate favorable for him. you must find the right materials that will help you build an effective shelter in the respective place. You will be looking for natural shelters or places that can be a baseline for your shelter. This will save your strength and time.

basic survival skills, survival skills
Source: YouTube

The cave depicted in above picture is ideal for building a shelter as it already provides you cover from three sides. You just have to do some security checks and you are ready to go. Same like this, there are many shelter bases around us, Just we have to look out for them.

10′ hammock rain fly tent tarp waterproof camping shelter.

Basic Survival Skills #3

Water: finding and storing clean drinking water

basic survival skills, survival skills, survival, emergency situation
source: Pinterest

As stated in “the rule of threes”, Water is third most important stuff to survive. you may survive without water for 3 days, but I don’t think you would want yourself to dehydrate for 3 days to find water. As we know that our body is composed of about 70% of water. Water is essential to keep running your vital organs like heart, brain, lungs and other organ systems. when your body is short of water, It may be a sign of alert, But If you get some contaminated water in you, it can be fatal than having less water. So, It is necessary that you know how to find clean water or purify the water to keep yourself going towards the rescue point.

There are many water purifying tablets available in the market and keeping them in your bag pack can prove beneficial. During recent Syria problems, United nations rescue force used Poly Glue to treat water for drinking. chlorine tablets are mostly used to make water safe for drinking. you can use life straw purifying tubes also.

Get chorine tablets for your bag pack

Get a super cool life straw water filter tube

Another technique that is used to get drinking water is evaporation and transpiration. This has proven helpful in the sea survival situations. Here you cover the impure water with a plastic sheet in open sun and try to funnel the evaporated drops concentrate into your container. It is totally up to you and your situation how you manage your water supply.

basic survival skills, survival skills
Source: Google Images

Basic Survival Skills #4

Fire: The best accidental discovery by human

You may disagree, But fire is, in my opinion, the best skill to master if you are on to the trip of wilderness. The fire has been accidentally discovered by the man in pre-historic era. But since then human society is totally dependent on fire. there are many advantages if you chose to learn the skill before you set off to wild.

  • You can boil water to make it drinking friendly.
  • fire will keep unwanted guests off your area.
  • you can cook your food to rip off more energy and avoid micro bacterial problems.
  • fire can be used to give a signal at night for your team or rescuers.
  • fire can alternatively be used as light source.
  • with proper use of vegetation and fire, you can avoid mosquitoes in humid areas.
use of fire, survival skills, basic survival skills
Source: reality survival

Besides above-stated uses, there are many other possible uses of fire in the wild. And it comes to your attitude in the last how you see things in your favor. So in anyway, this is one of the most basic survival skills to master.

Basic Survival Skills #5

Gathering and making food

According to the Rule of threes, you can survive without food for three weeks. But ask yourself. would you really want to let the situation come to that? Absolutely, No. You need to act fast to start finding food items and identifying which ones you can get easily. As well as you also want to learn the skills to get that food. These skills may include hunting skills like setting traps, catching fishes, identifying suitable edibles from herbs and shrubs etc.

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So, these are 5 Basic survival skills in my opinion that are essential for anyone’s survival. Similarly, you must have your list. In the light of these skills, I end my article here. I will be waiting for your comments in addition to your valuable feedback. Stay tuned and Subscribe to this blog for more articles and my next travel blogs.

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