Survival Lilly | A Rising Survivor YouTube Star

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Who is Survival Lilly?

Survival Lilly is an Austrian YouTube Star who makes videos about survival, Bushcraft, hunting and primitive survival skills. She has more than 540,000 Subscribers on YouTube which ranks her top among many other YouTube personalities among the same niche. She joined YouTube on 14th January 2011.
Survival lill is a austrian youtuber who makes videos about survival and hunting.
Source: YouTube

Early Life of Lilly

From Her early childhood, she became interested in living in the wilderness. She used to play hide and seek with her friends in forests nearby school. She made wilderness shelter and used to keep searching for wild edibles like blueberry, chanterelle mushrooms and much more. In her high school, she took classed related to forestry.
Survival lilly was interested in wilderness from her childhood
Source: YouTube

Early Career of Lilly before becoming a YouTube Sensation

She Completed her master’s degree in the art of business. After that, she worked for various tax consultants for quite a long time. But soon she realized that her life was more meaningful in wilderness learning and teaching primitive survival skills. She started making informative videos about survival skills, hunting and building a shelter in forests.

Major Source of Income for Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly runs a YouTube channel and website of her own.
In addition to that, She runs her own Survival gear store at Amazon which will provide you most of the gear that you require for Hiking, camping and Survival tourism. a few days ago, Lilly officially announced that she will make her own knife with the collaboration of a manufacturer. You can access that knife also from her merchandise shop.
Very often she gets offers from many companies to promote their products related to outdoors, In return, they give her a fair amount of Sponsorship.
Here are some images
survival lilly is a youtube creator who makes videos about survival.
Source: YouTube
survival lilly is a youtube creator who makes videos about survival.
Image Source: Youtube
survival lilly is a youtube creator who makes videos about survival.
Source: YouTube
survival lilly is a youtube creator who makes videos about survival.
Source: YouTube

Famous Series From Her Channel

Survival Lilly Super Shelter

In this series, Lilly showed her viewers, How to make an effective shelter with wood and simple natural items and primitive tools like an ax, saw, and knife. These videos got a couple million views on YouTube.
 survival lilly makes a super shelter
Source: YouTube

Survival Lilly on Tropical Island

In this series, she lived on a tropical island near a beach for a couple of days and survived with natural foods. she caught fishes, crabs, and other kinds of seafood and cooked them on the open fire or boiled them to eat. she also taught to make primitive traps and shelters.
survival lilly takes a tour to tropical islands
Source: YouTube

Survival Lilly in Vancouver Island, Canada

In this series, She was dropped off by a helicopter in Canada, Vancouver Island for 7 days with a rucksack and some tools and clothes. She made a primitive shelter, a quick fishing rod, and a crayfish trap. she very efficiently completed her mission and showed real heroism there as there was the danger of wild bear all time.
survival lilly in vancouver island, canada
Source: YouTube
  We wish Survival Lilly All the best for her Future and pray that she soon crosses 1 million subscribers mark. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe to this blog and like our Facebook page for more updates.
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