How to Survive a Natural Disaster? A Traveler’s Guide

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What is a Natural Disaster?

A natural disaster is an event that causes great damage to life and property. This can be earthquake, flood, avalanche, hurricane, tsunami and much more. The main cause of these events is said to be seismic activities taking below the earth surface. But in my perspective, environmental pollution and global warming are the catalysts that have boosted the frequency of these natural disasters. Hurricanes in the Caribbean and the southern U.S.A, earthquake in Mexico and Nepal, floods in southern Asia are the few examples to count.

how to survive a natural disaster
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Previously, We have talked about basic survival skills that are needed for an emergency situation. Now let’s talk about a natural disaster situation. What You will do if you are on a hill station trip and an avalanche occurs. Or, you are visiting a coastal city and you get information about tsunami or storm.

So, Here are some tips and suggestions which can help you survive a natural disaster.

 Avoid as much as you Can

The best way to survive an emergency situation is not encountering one. Plan your trips according to the weather. You wouldn’t want to visit a coastal area in monsoon season. That’s the time most storms hit the ground. Similarly, Visiting a hill station in the rainy season can leave you in middle of a landslide or avalanche. Use the Internet and new channels to get the weather forecasts for the destination.

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While Supplies and survival tools are very important while preparing for worst case scenario, additionally, you must have basic knowledge of practical survival skills. These skills may include first aid training, operating a wireless transmission radio, etc. You should know how to cook without modern utilities, how to disinfect and purify water, make fire naturally. Learn as much as you can. You don’t know what can come handy when the hell breaks loose.

According to a known survival expert,” There are three rules for preparation. First, know what dangers could possibly arise in the area.Second, know what should be done for each of them.Furthermore, don’t take time in taking action. These three things will keep you safe and alive.”

Necessary Supplies

What Things You’d always have with you?

Though most of the Disaster management agencies only promote the household management, I think they will work for a traveler too. For example, You should have at least basic items that will help you in any emergency case. A battery operated flashlight is always top in the expert’s list. You should also have reserved supply of packaged drinking water. And, I’d recommend taking a portable water purifier with you on your journeys. Now you are equipped with water and light, you can look at food and fire if you have space. Keeping a pair of lighters and a fire rod will do the work just perfectly.

Now talking about food depends on what type of accommodations you have. If you traveling in your own vehicle, You can keep an extra waterproof bag filled up with dry fruits and canned food. You should keep in mind if the items are non-perishable. But what if you are Only on a Backpack? Then You can narrow down the food list and at least keep food that will keep your energy filled for 1-2 days. If unfortunately, any emergency situation hits the area, Grab what you can before you take shelter.

Survival Cave Food Canned Chicken,how to survive a natural disaster
Survival Cave Food Canned Chicken

Take an example of canned chicken. This is what can save you and your family from hunger for almost a week. You can try stashing similar products.

What is something you should not forget in an event of a disaster?

We are living in a developed world. Almost every place that is worth traveling has electricity supply. So, we rely mostly on our smartphones for communication purpose. But when a natural disaster hits, it takes down the electricity supply first. And if it happens, You will certainly run out of power after a day or two.

how to survive a natural disaster
NOAA Weather Radio For Emergency

So, We need a device that can give us the reliable source of information broadcast and doesn’t requires electricity to run. Here comes a battery powered radio. Now you should also have basic knowledge of operating it. In case of an emergency situation, You’ll get necessary weather information and also can take help of local authorities.

Survival During a Natural Disaster

So, Now you are well prepared for any emergency during your trip. But what will happen when you actually encounter a natural disaster situation. Most people panic up and make deadly choices that adversely affects not only them but also their companions. So, Staying calm should be your first priority in any type of situation. If you are calm, you can properly look at the situation, analyze it, and take right decision to help you survive.

Remember, You don’t need comforts of your cozy flat or bungalow to survive a natural disaster. All you need is pure water, hygienic conditions and food for survival. So focus on your needs and let the comfort wait.

A pack always Survives

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survivesGeorge R R Martin

game of thrones quote, ned stark quotes, the indian rover
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This quote is from the famous television show Game of Thrones but it implies on everyone in real life too. When there will be an emergency situation, being in a group and helping each other will increase the chances of surviving exponentially. A group can look after each other in need and workload will be way much lesser than a sole survivor. Just keep in mind that your group doesn’t have a fanatic that will worsen the situation.

There are a few things that should be kept in mind after the havoc ends. You should be careful while getting out on roads. There may be electric wires, broken glasses or waterlogged pits which can cause unnecessary accidents. Exposure of water to bacteria and viruses is also a major problem in most of the cases.

MULTI-HAZARD INCIDENT COMMAND WORKSHEET KIT, how to survive a natural disaster

This Worksheet is available on Amazon and you can use it for any  type of hazards management.


They say, ” If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” But adventure too comes with certain add-ons. If you are well prepared for the worst case scenario, you can easily survive a natural disaster. This will not only make your trip memorable, but you will get stronger after every trip.

I hope this article helped you to get some ideas about how to survive a natural disaster. Remember to do your own research before any trip. Please share this article with your friends. I will be waiting for your ideas and feedback on this post. You can subscribe to this blog to get notifications in your mail when a new post is out.

Till then Happy and Safe Traveling!

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