Tour to Kashmir: A Brief Guide To Heaven On Earth

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Do you love to be in hill stations? If yes, I have a perfect place to take you on a virtual tour. If you are hill station lover then you must be head of the heaven of India, called Kashmir. People who plan to spend their holiday in India’s hill station keep this place in the top of their list. The green surrounding with white snow gives the sensation like that of heaven.

Generally, you can visit Kashmir in any season but if you are seeking to enjoy the snowfall then you have to schedule your visit in winters. Together with the beautiful scenery, one can also enjoy the perfect sound of splash form the rivers. You can say the tour to Kashmir as the perfect tour. There are some old monuments as well as beautiful gardens in Kashmir. If you will visit there, you will get to know how beautiful gardens look like.

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Kashmir valley

The way gardens are decorated gives the feeling that you are nowhere but in haven. The main fruit of Kashmir is apple. At the beginning of winters, you will see the green apples. As the day will pass, you will see the green apples turning into redone. The white snow over the red apples is just like watching rising sun from the white hills.

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The thick layer of white eyes is enough thrilling to make you feel enthusiastic. People visit there to enjoy various kind s of rides in snow layer. In the time of snowfall, it is a privilege to see the ice storm. If you are planning to be there in winters then never think to be without thick and warm clothes.  Planning a tour to Kashmir is really amazing when it is done in winters. In winters the weather becomes so cold that people have to take warm cloth on rent.

To be in boots and extra thick jackets and wandering in the snow with friends will make you realize how the natural beauty works. In most of the turn, you will see the deep valleys which are ample to threaten you. The thin roads and the sharp turns add more zeal to the enthusiasm. If you go for an overall view, you will find it as an amazing adventure. Tour to Kashmir will add the fifth moon in your holidays.

Once people visit there, they must plan this place again. In addition to the real view of nature, one can also enjoy the worship place of Vaishno Devi. People used to visit there in thousands of numbers by walking more than fourteen of kilometers straight in the mountain.

If you are also planning to visit Kashmir with either your friend and family then I will recommend you to be there in winters. You can also visit there to spend your summer’s days but still, I recommended you for winters because missing snowfall of Kashmir is unaffordable.

I hope this article on Tour to Kashmir will help you to plan your holiday in Kashmir.

This article was provided by Nikhil. He is a travel blogger and He writes at Best places to visit.

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