Your Travel Checklist | Things You Need Before Stepping Out

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Your Travel Checklist

Backpacking through Europe? A weekend hike somewhere near your locality? Well, we all at times require a breather from what we do and just get away from all the noise and thoughts within. And that’s when we start packing our bags.

Where to visit is something that depends on the mood but what to pack is what actually makes your trip a memorable one in a good way. Trekking with your flip-flops on will just plainly ruin your vacation (But make sure you those too packed). I, a writer of The Fashion and City had a talk with few of the regular backpackers to get an insight on what would be the essentials in making your travel compact and resourceful.

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For Solo wanderers who do not fear the Dusk and are up before dawn, you, in particular, have to make sure that the baggage is compact yet potent. It will be your aid during tough times, and making it heavier and huge will definitely be a burden.

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Augustine, a wandering soul that has his KTM by his side, is enthralled with nature and is always up for a long drive. A rather long drive! His journey from Delhi to UP, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and much more have given him enough experience in giving us a few pointers and checklist worthy products.

So below is the checklist:

Toiletry Kit Bag:

This particular item, according to many travelers stands on top of the list. From your toothbrush to conditioners, everyday objects are the most one misses when backpacking. An additional note when packing this is to make sure that everything is packed in a separate pouch rather than plunging everything in the main zipper. You don’t want your underwear popping out in front of your fellow travelers when searching for your brush.  That would be embarrassing! Make sure you carry sunscreen lotions with you, that is VERY IMPORTANT.

Travel Backpack – 30L Minimum

Shoving down a couple of dresses down that laptop bag and you are all set. Well, that could be a nightmare once the journey starts. The inability and not enough space to pack all necessities is just the tip of the iceberg. These bags are not designed to either carry a lot of weighing or to stay for a longer period on your shoulders. If despite that, the one thing of regret will be to not have enough space for things you’ve collected or purchased from places you visited. These bags are created for a reason!

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Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and orange Rucksack

Luggage Lock:

“Travelling is for you to feel the peace within and there are people who make you lose it” says Augustine who has a pretty bad experience with theft. Trust in humanity should be a very strong feeling, but only with a hint of security amongst. When your entire life during this vacation is in your backpack, it is a given that it should be locked.


Identity Proofs and a Physical note and phone book:

Into a forest trek and you see rangers passing by and making a security check? That would not be a good time to not have a valid Government identity proof. These are a given requirement in booking motel rooms and for many other purposes. Make sure you keep them with you at all times. A physical notebook and a phone book is also another important item to add in your checklist because you never know when your phone battery is gonna die, and make sure that everything that could save you from harm’s way is there in it. Local police station numbers, a clear sought out map on how to return and proceed too.

Feature Phone:

Smartphones are indeed smart, but as much as they are smart, the power consumption is always a headache. But a feature phone, on the other hand, doesn’t leave you high and dry. They make sure that they stay with you throughout the journey. An old Nokia needs no intro on how efficient it is. NOTE: Make sure you add all important numbers to the phone or you have the contacts saved in your SIM. (If in case you don’t carry a physical phonebook)

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Jio Phone

A Medical Kit:

Are you a person who catches a cold when the temperature is in its ‘teens? Well, doesn’t matter. You are supposed to carry an emergency medical kit despite your strong immune system. Pills, Band-Aids, Pain Sprays, mosquito repellants and all basic medical requirements are to be pouched separately and kept in the bag. If you do come into an allergy after a scratch or anything that you find too sensitive to your body must be consulted with a doctor as soon as possible, especially during a trekking experience. Make sure you have a couple of lemons and something that calms your stomach with you too. A digestive crisis is too common So, make sure you aren’t a victim of it.

Chocolates and Nuts:

Being too hygienic has its own flaws and not being able to use public restrooms is one. What’s that got to do with ‘NUTS’? (Ignore the wordplay). So, chocolates and nuts are sources of immense energy and also at the same time are very light on your digestive system. Thus, it makes your loo conundrum a bit too easy to deal with. But I would personally love for the readers to adapt to what is provided. It’s the experience that counts at the end of the journey.


This is a given but requires a mention because this is too important to leave out. There are at times when a traveler carries water with him/her and still ends up with not enough to drink. Make sure you carry sufficient water. A bottle of glucose powder along with it will be a great add-on such that you don’t lose electrolytes. Being hydrated is the base for any journey you plan on making.

These being the ones that are immensely important, make sure that nothing is left out from the checklist. Other requirements would be the clothes, passports, chargers for smartphones and cameras and other such. We, from The Fashion and City, wish you a very memorable journey. It’s  GO time!

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