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A New Perspective On Raja Man Singh - Shakta

We all remember him for fighting Maharana Pratap or for serving Mughals , but there’s another undiscovered side of him that we need to discuss .

Shahabaz Khan was sent to destroy Maharana Pratap , guess who got rid of Shahabaz Khan and stopped Mughal army from pillaging mewar?     

Raja Man Singh!

Afghans were more dangerous than Mughals , guess who got rid of Afghans ? Raja Man Singh! 

Jagannath temple was in threat of being destroyed by Afghans , guess who destroyed Afghans again , liberated this temple and constructed a deity? Raja Man Singh! 

Raja Man Singh was a devout hindu , he built temples all over india.

A study noted that many temples either built or repaired by him still exist today .

More information on temples built by him.

This Jagatsiromany temple is just one of the examples of his contribution.

Another Major temple built by Raja Man Singh was Govind dev temple which is unfortunately not present in its full glory .

Raja Man Singh is also said to have opposed Din-e-ilahi and was a patron of Tulsidas ji.

Now before you all judge him. Lemme as you all a question.

Do you think it’s easy to remain devout hindu , build and repair lots of temples while working under a sultanate? No!

And for this Raja Man Singh deserves our praise ebery bit .

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