Our Vision

The Indian Rover represents every person who is enthusiastic about Itihas of India. Itihas in Sanskrit translates “As it happened”. The Itihas of India were kept hidden from us for quite a long time. Even when we knew it, Itihas was served as “Mythology” or mere Stories. Our Scientific heritage, our rich history was turned into folklores and legends.

For decades Our youth has been fed the slow poison of hating and mocking our own culture. This has spoiled the entire generation. We as The Indian Rover want this to change. We seek to change the Narrative.

Itihas emerged from historic travels. The famous historians of the past were travellers. Those who made History were travellers too.

Ramayana was told to Sage Valmiki by Sage Narad who is a Cosmic Traveller. Ramayana is Itihas of Lord Ram, who travelled to entire India to fulfill the cause of Sages and deities. Of course, this was done with the mirage of fulfilling the oath of his father.

When entire India was forgetting it’s Sanatana roots, a young Sage from South India travelled entire India to establish the Rule of Sanatana. He was Adi Shankaracharya. He established and recognised 4 Maths, Jyotirlinga and Shaktipeeth across the borders of India. When you visit these places, you realise that only by traveling can you get the essence of rich diverse culture and the huge ocean of heritage and knowledge which is present in our Country.

Youth are naturally attracted towards travel, Hiking, Natural trails, and adventure.

We at The Indian Rover recognise Major Trails that are associated with our Itihas. We dig deeper to know the backstory of those trails. And we connect our new generation to our Culture, Heritage and Itihas with the help of these trails.

Our Team

Prabhakar Kumar

Founder, Author and Manager

I am Prabhakar Kumar, a Civil Engineering Graduate of 2019 batch from Dr. KN Modi institute of engineering and technology, Ghaziabad.

I was quite interested in travel and Hindu History. So I started working on ideas around these two domains. I started this website as a travel blog The Indian Rover in 2016-17. Today You are looking at more improvised version of the Website with Clear Vision and New Team.

In these 4 years of learning and seeking answers to all my questions, I have come a long way. Making new friends, reading more and more and improvising the project there have been a lot of things. 

In the past one year after my graduation, I have been involved more in reading Itihas and brushing up my knowledge around it. I’m also interested in Indian Spiritualism and Culture, which drives me to seek more and more into this field. The Indian Rover is an attempt to join more and more seekers on this path of seeking and learning about our culture, heritage, Itihas, and self-realization. 

Kaushiki Shukla (Sonal)

Co-Founder, Author and Social Media manager

Karan Singh

Co-Founder and Developer

Anuj Kumar Singh

Co-Founder and Solution Architect