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ॐ ≠ OM (#SanatanaThreads / 2) – Tirtha

“ॐ” is unquestionably the most sacred, sublime, and scientific sound of the universe since time immemorial. It is the sound that was heard when the creation of the universe took place, it can be heard now at present in the sound frequency of the cosmos, and it shall be heard when the destruction of the universe shall takes place. In the Sanātana dharma, this is the most revered sound of all. All the mantras of the Veda incept with it, so do […]

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10 Warriors In Mahabharata You Must Know

In the era of Mahabharata,  there were many skilled and powerful warriors. Although the morals of Mahabharata is more about Dharma and Adharma with a basis of our Karma, it’s always interesting to read about the scales in which the wars were fought, the weapons the warriors possessed, the ups and downs in the battles […]

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