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Women in Science (Global scenario)

The Indian Rover (Issue : April, 2021) Women In Science (Global Scenario) – Neeraja Jaishankar As a young girl, everything I learned in science was a miracle to me. An apt example of this was the development of the “Dolly”, the first sheep to be cloned, which kindled my curiosity and motivated me to become […]

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No code robotics – making (new) technologies accessible for everyone

The Indian Rover (Issue : April , 2021) No Code Robotics – Making (New) Technologies Accessible For Everyone – Karim Zanaty The biggest manufacturers work with them – robots. They do monotonous or even dangerous tasks in order to simplify manufacturing processes and save workers from doing dangerous tasks. However, for many small and medium-sized […]

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Days of Motivation and Science

The Indian Rover (Issue : April , 2021) Days Of Motivation And Science – Arghyashree Roychowdhury Bioscience had fascinated me since as long as I can remember. Therefore, aftercompleting my 12th standard in 2003 from the West Bengal Council of Higher SecondaryEducation, I took admission in Asutosh College under the University of Calcutta for myBachelors […]

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Laser Picoscope, a new technique for taking pictures of electrons in crystals

The Indian Rover (Issue : April, 2021) Laser PIcoscope, A New Technique For Taking Pictures Of Electrons In Crystals – Santanu Mandal From gazing at the vast cosmos to peeking at angstrom (10-10 meter) scale atoms, discovery of  imaging technique has been the central thrust towards understanding the mysteries of nature. Since  the invention of […]

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OMICS based Biomarker Discovery and its importance

The Indian Rover (Issue: April, 2021) OMICS Based Biomarker Discovery And Its Importance – Khushman Taunk Fundamental Research, Clinical, Analytical Omics, Biomarker Discovery and Artificial Intelligence. Diseases are complex abnormalities at the molecular level in a living organism. Living organisms are made up of cells. Dysregulation of normal functioning of molecular machinery of the cells […]

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How science is becoming increasingly more open

The Indian Rover (Issue: April, 2021) How science is becoming increasingly more open – Roma O. Konecky and Michele Avissar-Whiting Publishing as a means of communicating original scientific contributions can be traced back to as far as the seventeenth century. In modern times, publications have become the primary scholarly output of academic research and are […]

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Rāvaṇa: A Dalit Hero or a Brāhmaṇa Villain?

The Indian Rover (Issue: March, 2021) Rāvaṇa: A Dalit Hero or a Brāhmaṇa Villain? – Prabhakar Kumar Part I Some people argue that Rāvaṇa was a Brāhmaṇa by birth. So, how can he be a Rākṣasa simultaneously? The funny thing is that same people keep talking about equal rights for women & Dalits.  There are another […]

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Was Ashoka Really Great

The Indian Rover (Issue: March, 2021) Was Ashoka Really Great? – Kaushiki Shukla According to mainstream history books, Ashoka was initially a ruthless ruler but after the Battle of Kalinga, he became a proponent of peace. He was deeply disturbed with the thousands of bodies lying dismantled in the battlefield. He couldn’t bear the pain […]

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