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Benefits of Pure Cow Ghee

Cow giving milk

Pouring cow ghee in nostrils can cure mind related diseases, paralysis and allergy. Consuming 20-25 g. of cow ghee mixed with mishri (sugar candy) can cure a man’s addiction to alcohol and cannabis. Pouring ghee in ear can cure the eardrum without any surgery. Pouring ghee in nose can remove dryness. It can also bring back a person into consciousness from coma. Pouring ghee into nostrils can stop hairfall and also helps in growing new hairs. Pouring ghee into the nostrils improves memory. Massaging ghee on our feets can reduce irritation in feets and hands.Ghee also can help in stopping hiccups.

Ghee can cure the constipation and acidity. Ghee improves physical strength as well as mental strength. Rubbing old ghee on chest can cure the problem of cough. A glass of milk with one spoon ghee and misri can give you instant energy. Ghee can prevent cancer and it can also stop the wide-spread of many diseases. If a person is suffering from heart related issues, he/she should consume ghee as it strengthens the heart’s functions. Rubbing Ghee on chest if a child helps control the cough.

In case of a snake bite, give the person 100-150 g. of cow ghee and then lukewarm water. It will make him vomit and the effect of venom will be diluted. Two drops of cow ghee in the nose helps in migraine-related headaches. Just keep it at schedule daily.

If you are experiencing headache with with a feeling of heat in the body, massage the feet with cow ghee, you will get relief from the headache.

Did you know? Cow ghee doesn’t increase the cholesterol level in your body! Yes, you heard it right. It doesn’t makes you fat, rather it balances the body weight.
It means that you could lose extra weight if you take cow ghee regularly.

Taking one spoon ghee mixed with sugar powder and 1/4th spoon black pepper in the morning before having breakfast and before going to sleep at night can improve eyesight.

Mix one spoonful of cow ghee with one fourth of a tea-spoon of black pepper powder. Take this mixture in the morning when you have empty stomach and at night before going to bed. It will increase the immunity.

Ghee, when heavily mixed with cold water then with camphor, turns into an effective herbal medicine which helps in skin related problems. It also helps in psoriasis. Cow ghee is considered as a good cholesterol or anti-cholesterol. People with high cholesterol levels should consume cow ghee only. It is also a body tonic.

If you take Cow Ghee in your nose thrice a day, it can control and balance the three components of your body (viz. Vāyu, Pitta and Kafa). It also helps in healing almost any of the complications related to them.

Ancient Bhartiya Divya astras – दिव्यास्त्र

Indian Astras

( Thread On Ancient Bhartiya Weapon Vidya)

Introduction related to Mantric Astras.. There are Two types Of Divya Astra

  1. Nalika Astra
  2. Mantrik Astra

In This Thread I try to explain the Nalika Astra – Do check it

And now I will Explain you
Mantrik Astra – So basically The things that are automated by the effect of the mantra are called Mantric weapons. For Example : – The Sudarshan Chakra Of the Maharaj Krishan was a Mantric Yantra (Astra)

So The Mantra Word derived from the word root “मत्रि गुप्तपरिभाषणे” ( अष्टाध्यायी) Mantra means a secret idea.

Mantric Astras –

Mantric Astra’s are also Mention in Veda

न यो वराय मरुतामिव स्वनः सेनेव सृष्टा दिव्या यथाशनि:। अग्निर्जम्भैस्तिगितैरत्ति भर्वति योधो न शत्रून्त्स वना न्यृञ्जते ॥

RIGVEDA – 1/143/5

यद्वृत्रं तव चाशनिं वज्रेण समयोधयः। अहिमिन्द्र जिघांसतो दिवि ते बद्बधे शवोऽर्चन्ननु स्वराज्यम् ॥

RIGVEDA – 1/80/13
So Basically there are 4 Type of Mantric Astras in ancient Bharat
  1. First one is Agniastra and Varuna astra Such weapons can be retaliated.
  2. Second one is Narayan- Astra When Ashwatthama attacked the Pandavas with Narayan Astra, the Pandava warriors left their weapons and deliberately stood unarmed.
  3. The third one is the weapon which only some people or individuals can run such as Brahmashir Astra or Sudarshan Chakra.
  4. And the last is the Amogha Astra which cannot be solved in any way.

In Nitiprakashikha it is mention that these type of Astras are – Vajraastra, Brahmastr, The Kalpash of Varuna, Narayan astra and Pashupat.

8 Types of subsections of Astras.
  1. Kakoodik – With this weapon, the warrior falls asleep while sitting on the chariot and falls under the chariot or is hit by arrows.
  2. Shuka – This weapon is also called Mohnastra, it captivates the person and the warrior starts to act strangely.
  3. Naak- Astra – The use of this weapon causes hallucinations of the warrior in front and starts seeing imaginary pictures in his mind.
  4. Trāsanāstra – This weapon injures the warrior inside the body, the warrior is paralyzed and starts urinating.
  5. Indra-Astra / Santaana-astra – Thousands of other arrows start raining using this weapon, it is called Indrastra.
  6. Nartan/k- Astra – With the use of this weapon, warriors start dancing, so this weapon is called a Nartak.
  7. Raksha-Astra – Using this weapon, many warriors are killed at once.
  8. Yamyā-astra – These weapons are filled with toxic gases, which causes the warrior to die.
So Know the Inventors of Divya Astras.
  • According to Ramayana After Tatka Vadh Maharshi Vishvamitr gave two weapons to Bhagwan Rama Sarhasya, Upsanharsahit and these Astras are made by two Rishikas name Jaya and Suprabha and Rishi krishashv Invent “Jrimabhka-astra” -Nitiprakashika
  • Brahma, Maheshwar, Indra, Bhardwaj, Jamadagni, Drona, were the inventors of the Astras in ancient Bharat. -Ramayan- Yudha Kand
  • Shiv- Shankar ji Invented 8 types of Astras and Mahadev ji also made Ashani and Pashupat-Astra weapons with eight chakras -Mahabharat – Drona-parva
  • Maharaj Indra Invented Vajra and Indr-astra and Maharshi Vishvakarma invent Shank-Dhanush ,Varuna Pash, Kuber Gada.
  • Maya, Shambar, Maarich, Indrajit, Mausala-astra and Kapal-Astra and Paishaich-Astra made by Asuras

Parshuram and Acharya Dronachary had invented many Astras one of them was Jamdagnya (Gun-Powder) Kautaliya ji also mentioned “Jamdangnya” In his Arthashastr

Thanks For Reading.