Category: War of Narrative

This category contains all the post related to current social and political situation which is causing danger to healthy existence of Santana Culture.

War of Narrative

Who are the Yazidis and Why are they relevant to Hindus?

Yazidis have existed and, in fact, nurtured themselves in the middle East for many centuries. But, in the last decade, they have been a centre of persecution at the hands of Islamic terrorism. Let’s take a look into the story of Yazidis. Who are the Yazidis? Yazidis are a monotheistic minority community residing mainly in […]

War of Narrative

Why Feminism Is Not Relevant In India: A Woman’s View

The Feminist Movement was started in the West with the intent to create gender equality in society. Today, let’s be honest, girls, it has come a long way to mean male-bashing, female supremacy, and oppressing masculinity to the core.  In India, This movement has been hijacked and imported by the Leftists groups. As they have […]

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