Chhatrapati Sambaji Maharaj - Malhar Heramb Pandey

Chhatrapati Sambaji Maharaj, a name that every Hindu takes with utmost pride for his courage, brilliance, bravery and the ultimate sacrifice he gave for the protection of the Hindu Dharma. 332 years ago today, the Hindavi Swarajya lost its second Chhatrapati, when the Islamic Tyrant Aurangzeb killed Sambhaji Maharaj after a month of horrendous torture.

The distorians like Audrey and others have tried to portray Aurangzeb as some kind of benevolent ruler, but we Hindus will never forget what he did to our King. In the authentic Islamic biography of Aurangzeb by Muḥammad Sāqī Mustaʻidd Khān, he has written a chapter dedicated to the capture and death of Sambhaji Maharaj.

 ‘ Capture and execution of Sambha ‘ a chapter that describes the fanatic nature of Aurangzeb and how desperately he wished to humiliate the Hindu King. Here in this chapter, in the very beginning it is written
” A news fell on the ears of Muslims that they were waiting for years, finally Sambha has been captured ” .  

Further he mentions the general who was sent to capture Sambhaji Maharaj. He says, ” the Shirkes had given Mukarab Khan the information that Sambaji Maharaj was staying in Sangameshwar along with Kavi Kalash, his dear friend. Shirke gave him this information as a result of family feud. “

” Mukarabh Khan’s son Ikhlas khan went inside the Haveli and dragged Sambhaji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash by their hair and 25 of Maharaj’s chief followers and their wives were made prisoners ” . He further writes.

This news reached empror who was staying in Akluj, after hearing this he ordered Hamduddin Khan, to bring the captives ( Sambhaji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash ) in chains and manacled. The writer further mentions that ” Emperors devotion to ISLAM ordered that Sambhaji Maharaj should be made to wear a wooden cap ( sign of a criminal ) and as he enters the camp, there should be drum beating and trumpets pealing so that ” Muslims ” might be heartened and infedels ( HINDUS ) will be disheartened. ” ! Look at the cruelty !

Sambhaji Maharaj along with Kavi Kalash were taken in this avatar around the entire camp so that young and old MUSLIMS will be happy to see the infedels being captured. As Sambhaji Maharaj was brought in front of Auragzeb, Badshah Kneeled on the carpet, facing towards the sky, posing for prayer, thanking ‘ GOD ‘ for this act.

Sambhaji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash were put in dungeons of Bahadurgad the same day.  All though the King and his friend were humiliated the fire in their eyes did not seem to be deprived. Ruhilla Khan, who was sent to get information from Sambhaji Maharaj related to Marhatta treasures , mentions that Sambhaji Maharaj said, ” He will die but will never give information of the Hindavi Swarajya to this vile person . ” Shambhu Raje was furious and Ruhilla Khan was surprised after seeing this.

He didn’t say a word and went to Aurangzeb. Badshah asked him to narrate what happened, but Ruhilla didn’t muster up the courage to mutter the exact words Raje said regarding Aurangzeb.
On the next day of captivity, the tounge of Kavi Kalash was cut out.
In the following few days, Sambhaji Raje was asked to surrender to ISLAM but he never accpeted.

The eyes of both these men were gouged out. They were introduced to the tortures of the worst forms as suggested by the holy books  to be done against Infidels! After suffering lot of torture, Sambhaji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash were hacked to death limb by limb. Aurangzeb, was not able to make Sambhaji Maharaj bow before him in his entire lifetime.

The news that the prince of Maratha Swarajya is dead reached the Maratha Camp. This angered the Marathas even more and they made sure that Auranzgeb never won the Deccan. 27 years, the mad fanatic man Aurangzeb fought the Marathas and died like an insect in Ahmednagar.

Every Hindu needs to know this history and the sacrifice that their King made to save the Hindu Dharma, the Maratha Swarajya and should also remember the fanaticism of Aurangzeb in the name of religion !

Today on 332nd Punyatithi of the Great Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, I pay my sincerest homage to the great Hindu King. His spirit remains alive in the heart of every proud Hindu.

– Malhar Heramb Pandey


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