Consecration - Soumik Kumar De

A structure of  red brick

Or of marvelous marbles

Or an  echoing hollow tomb

But for you

But for me.

A cask for wine

Or tray of flowers

Or a designed rug

But for you

But for me.

 A pray of whisper

 Or one with loud speaker

 Or a holy gesture

But for you

But for me.

A flickering candle

Or a smoky bundle

Or a burning pyre.

But for you

But for me.

A veiled hijab

Or a cosy cassock

Or even a divine dhoti

But for you

But for me

Why for you

Why for me

Why for him? 

Fuse them

Blend them

Merge them

Only to say

But for us

But for us.

About Soumik De:-

Soumik Kumar De is a poet by passion and a teacher by profession. A postgraduate and Master of Philosophy in English literature, Mr. De has been severally anthologized in publications of international repute like Setu, INNSAEI, Borderless, The Indian Rover, Lipi, AWS e-zine, Literoma etc. His poems have been included in internationally acclaimed books like Aulos: An Anthology of Poems; Caravan; Paradise on Earth; Earth, Fire Water Wind, CYAN: An Anthology of Confessional Poetry to name a few. Painting is another of his special area of interest. His oil paints have been included in many internationally acclaimed books.


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