Copper Brings Honour Back - Dhaval Parmar

How to make the planets in our birth chart positive just by our food habits?

As per the creation, Astronomy, Astrology, Sun is know to be the life giver. Without which the planets wouldn’t rotate neither would be any life on Earth. Sri Krishna says in Gita 15.12. Know that I am like the brilliance of The Sun that illuminates the entire Solar System. As per The Astrology, Sun & Jupiter are the most important planets, with blessings of Gurus, Vedic chants etc Jupiter problems can be solved but for Sun & other planets we need the life style of our Grand Parents.

In olden days our grandparents followed one procedure & few rules as a daily routine without any excuses; which included offering water to The Sun God using a copper vessel at the time of Sunrise and eat food in Satvik or Rajsik Vessels but never ever use any Tamasik vessels.

Leaf, Banana leaves, Gold/Silver are considered as Satvik dhatu, whereas Bronze, Brass, Copper are Rajasik dhatu and Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, bone china or any Mellacha dhatus are Tamasik.

Moreover, The way crops takes time to grow similalry it should take time to cook food, slowly. So use of Presssure cooker, Microwave, Refrigator are Tamasik & also harmful for health & Rahu.

Mud pots, Copper or bronze utensils should be used always for cooking. Aluminum ruins the Rahu Lord in our chart, makes a person aggresive & Disturbed so it should be thrown out from the kitchen. When we drink in copper vessel & offer copper vessel water to The Sun God, our Sun turns better. So in olden days our grand parents were strong enough to handle any insults & not fight related to Ego issues. Presently, even toddlers feels insulted due to afflicted Sun. When we cook food in traditional Vessels, Mud vessels, Bronze vessels the miconutirents are saved & our Sun, Rahu starts giving positive results. When we sit in kitchen to eat, along with other family members, Rahu helps & sitting down to Eat on floor, the ethics makes our Venus strong. When we sit & Drink water, never waste water our moon/mind turns stable. If we start cleaning our own utensils our Shani gets better.

If we don’t follow the above procedures we would find negative traits in life where, kids don’t eat house food, they don’t listen to their parents, because they don’t get proper cooked food with motherly feeling entering within the food while been cooked, they eat fast food with whatever means.

One should chant the holy name & cook, offer to Lord and later serve the kids or whoever.

Mentally disturbed are the people who always waste water while washing utensils or taking bath, the chemical based powder/soap which is used to wash utensils which pollutes water & also pollutes mind. Child birth issues, or child health issues after birth, one main reasons is due to food wastage, whoever wastes food, doesn’t respect food, eats on bed, eats while travelling etc. Doesn’t donate to poor, needy etc. Whenever we don’t respect the elements the nature within us in form of 5 elemnts would show its negative effects. So when we waste food the child doesn’t get food wihtin the mothers womb, they get aborted sometimes or the fallopian tube issues.

Respect The nature and nature blesses always.

||HarE KriShna||


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