From the wall of Vijay Stambh - Arpita Dalal (Tia)

A tower of victory and fame, constructed in 1448 by Rajput Rana Kumbha after the victory over Muhammad Khilji. This tower is commonly known as Vijay Stambh and was dedicated to the Lord Vishnu who was highly worshiped by the Rajputs. These pictures are from the wall of Vijaya stambha of Chittorgarh Fort, the largest fort in India. These pictures show that Rajputs were so spiritual that they dedicated their victory to Lord vishnu. This tower has 9 floors and in every floor various positions of Lord Vishnu are depicted along with his devotees.

the wall of Vijay Stambh 07

About Arpita Dalal (Tia):

Arpita Dalal (Tia) is a tour operator by profession, who loves to travel and she is highly influenced by Indian culture and philosophy. She prefers to observe everything by her own eyes rather than looking through camera all the time. She is also a travel vlogger and runs a YouTube channel named “Be A Rover”. Apart from this she is a nature loving creature and gardening is her profound hobby.


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