Feminism Is Not Relevant In India

The Feminism movement was started in the West with the intent to create gender equality in society. It has come a long way to mean male-bashing, Female supremacy, and oppression of males. 

In India, This movement has been hijacked and imported by Communist and Islamic Interest groups. As they have done with all other movements, they have used this movement as a tool to attack Hindu Culture and traditions while whitewashing and covering up the problems in other faiths. 

Hence It is necessary to take a brief look at a few contrasting points. Let’s dive in: 

Condition of Women in Sanatana Vs Abrahimic Faiths

Hindus have been worshipping Goddess and they are manifestations of the energy of Gods. Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and MahaSaraswati are even placed higher than Trinity. It is described in Scriptures that all which we see around us is an illusion created by Yogmaya the supreme goddess. 


On the contrary, We can’t find any such reference in Abrahimic faiths. 

Christianity believes that Eve, the first woman, was responsible for humans to suffer on this earth. All human beings are descendants of Eve so they share her Sin since their birth. It is only washed away when you seek forgiveness and pray to Jesus. Basically, you all are sinners if you are Christian because you are born from a woman. 

In Islam, Women are considered Maal e ganimat. Islam considers the intellect of a woman to be half of the man. She is only considered a tool to procreate as much as she can. 

Christians and Muslims never gave any position to any female. According to them, males are sources of Power and Women should not be given any responsible task. Any mosque doesn’t have a female ulema. Similarly, You won’t find any female priests in churches. 

But, We hindus proudly say that Women’s are Shakti ( source of all energies). They are worshipped as symbols of Maa Parvati. 

आदौ माता गुरो: पत्नी ब्रह्ममणि राजपत्निका |

धेनुर्धात्री तथा पृथ्वी सप्तैता मातर: स्मॄत: ||

Our own mother (i.e. one who gives birth), guru’s (teacher’s) wife, wife of a brahmin, wife of a king, cow, nurse and the earth are our mothers. They are to be respected as one respects his/her own mother. 

These Neo Feminists Should stop preaching Hindus for women empowerment. Let’s see why. 

When Laxmi Bai, Naiki Devi, and Velu Nachiar were leading our armies against the Invaders, the Catholic church was burning women in Europe in the name of witch-hunting. Islam still has evil practices like Triple Talaq, Halala, and Female Gentile Mutilation. 

Witch hunting

Arundhati and Anusuya are exemplary teachers in  Gurukul Parampara of Indian education system. While, Position of Women in education in Abrahimic faiths is negligible. 

While there is no textual evidence of Moral policing on the clothing of women in Hinduism. But Islam has strict rules on how women should cover her body in public with Burkha. There are strict laws and severe punishments if a woman doesn’t follow general code of conduct provided in Sharia’h.

Hindu Woman Attire

AdiShakti is the manifestation of the source of energies possessed by Trinity as Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh couldn’t eliminate powerful evils themselves. 

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We never treated Women as objects unlike modern religions.

We have various Women representation as goddesses. When she represents knowledge, she rides on Hamsa. When she has to kill Mahishasura she comes in the form of Durga. 

We won’t treat women as abla nari, she has every power but in the modern world it’s suppressed due to social disorder.


In our system, women built families & contributed to build nation by nurturing rooted, honest, goal oriented, dharmic warriors & built whole nation.

But modern feminism has destroyed families & roots by mocking our ancient system. 

As Result feminism contributed to destroying societies, became corrupt, nurtured drugs/alcoholic addicted gender-neutral social evils as there are no women-centric objectives, except the promotion of selfish individualistic charvak system.

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