Meditation has been a fascinating term for the west as they are new to the terminologies of ancient India. For us, meditation has been an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, in the last few centuries, we have been alienated from yoga which was a part of our daily lives previously. 

Today, I would share one simple technique which can be performed by anybody anytime with little efforts.

Why most of us can’t meditate? 

Due to lack of practice.

To become good at something we spend hours, people spend their lives to become a classical singer. To learn any instrument, it takes years. So, how do you expect to meditate by just closing your eyes? Not possible. Because, ¼ of material gains takes years of practice & ¾ of spirituality (which is infinite) is not going to be that easy. 

Most of us meditate on how not to get confused & distracted throughout the day as 16 to 17 hours a day we remain distracted with 10 different things in our mind. Remaining hours we sleep. Now, with the such practice of being distracted, we are now so PERFECT in getting distracted that we can’t mediate.

How meditation works?

Meditation 2MMeditation

When you wake up, pray to mother earth and start your day as usual. Don’t carry your cell phones into the bathroom, and sit for the first lesson by meditating upon the entire digestive system to pass the waste from the body. This is exactly where the Mooldhara chakra is located whose element is earth. Concentrate on it. This is also the first/base chakra. This helps us to get rid from material attachments. Material things are like waste, the little pleasure we get when our stomach removes all waste, similarly we feel free when we give up our temporary material pleasures.

Brushing teeth, imagine every tooth where the brush moves, the mouth movement, tongue etc. 

Bathing: The element of the second chakra, the Swadhisthana, is water. Imagine the droplets of water from your shower or bucket passing from your head to toe, every body part the water touches. See it as some healing energy from the cosmic sky ( to make it more deep, imagine the colour orange of water) this would keep the lust factor in control.

Third chakra is the Manipura, whose element is fire. Fire means teja/ojas which is achieved via tapas/austerity/mantra chanting etc. So, give some time in the mantra japa. But, the monkey mind won’t allow, so make the monkey mind confuse with 3 imaginations . Listen to what you chant, see or imagine what’s being chanted, imagine those mantras floating with closed or open eyes, try to understand the meaning of the chant. Let the monkey mind remain confused in those 3 questions & all will be fine. This helps us to get rid of aggression, builts our aura, increases healing and psychic powers. Give more time to this chakra. 

Fourth chakra is the Anahata (located in the heart region) whose element is air. This chakra is for love and hate. When we live in grihasta, we should show respect to our elders and give love to those who are young, smell their head. Plant trees. Look at nature and thank Parameshwar for such beauty. This chakra helps us to balance our fake emotions and keeps us detached from material attachments. 

Fifth chakra is the Vishuddhi chakra, which represents the sound element. Sound is vibration, energy. Time to go back to work now, business or job. We should think 3 times before making any decision or replying to someone. Choose the right words because whatever words that we use, positive or negative, it would come back to us. Words always work in the form of waves, frequency or energy, and the universe doesn’t understand positive or negative. We get the way we give it to someone. This helps us build knowledge, gives access to secret knowledge already present within our cosmos. 

Sixth chakra is the Ajna, the third eye. 

Seventh chakra is the sahastradhara chakra.

When we practise, concentrate on any work that we perform in our day to day life, spread love, respect, compassion, kindness and the above two chakras would get active automatically. It helps us see things beyond our imaginations, it can take us to higher planes and give access to multi-dimensions. The above practise helps us to build our aura, the more powerful the more access to higher frequencies. Our body would now be a device to attract higher frequencies. 

Meditate on everything, keep the TV off, phone off while eating, feel the taste, the smell, imagine the way it’s been chewed and passes from our neck to the digestive system. Feel the food forming energy inside.  Every possible thing can be a part of our meditation. We can go deeper once we start practising the basics. 

One should restrain from food which comes from cruelty, which doesn’t come from agriculture. Such food creates gaps/holes in our aura system, and later these gaps are filled with negative energies, such practice would always keep our mind distracted. Won’t allow us to meditate.

So, go ahead!

||HaRe KriShna||

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About The Author: Dhaval Yash Das is an ardent follower of ISKCON and regularly shares his thoughts on social media. He is a seeker and loves to look for answers in Sanatana texts.


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