in Sanatan culture? Does hunting prove that it was meant for the dieting?

Yes, in Sanatan culture, kings used to hunt but not for the purpose of eating, but it was an entertainment and a means of weighing their power.


मृगों न भीम: कुचरों गरिष्ठ:

Sita and Ram

Because in the Vedas deer are also called lions. And it is also called Mrigendra and hunt is called Mrigaya. Can anyone prove that someone ate the flesh of a lion. Only the practice of predatory creatures was prevalent.

People who consider the companion of the divine being equal to their soul, that is, like others who want their own interest, they also fast in others.



वाचस्पतिर्मखस्यते विश्वस्येशान ओजसा।


The one who provides the ownership of the entire world, if any, is knowledge. And people analyze things only on the basis of their wisdom.

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