Jesus The Myth- Shakta

Was Jesus a Messiah? a superhuman? Or was he just another tool created to control people with aggression?

In this Article i will be quoting from 2 books.

  • Kristumata Chedanam
  • Jesus Christ an artifice for aggression

Mlecchas have created so many stories, myths about this “Jesus” that people either out of fear or “oh i don’t care” do not dare questioning them.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that Jesus was most likely some ordinary nobody at first and then his cult emerged.

Some 20th century scholars declared him to be some mentally ill person

In a chapter, “The Problem of Jesus”, the author said that Jesus of the gospels betrays “quick-tempered soreness and a remarkable ego-centricism”, and that “what is not with him, is cursed”.

Jesus “loves everything that is below him and does not diminish his ego” but “utters threats against everyone who is established, powerful, and rich”. He is also “a sexually abnormal man” and there is in him ““a lack of joy in reality, extreme seriousness, lack of humour, a predominantly depressed, disturbed, tense condition, coldness towards others insofar as they do not flatter his ego” including his mother and brothers. His “lack of balance” makes him “now weak and fearful, now with violent outbursts of anger”. The psychiatrist concluded that Jesus was suffering from paranoia.

Jesus wasn’t really condemned to death

But wait! If he wasn’t condemned then it destroys all the stories and drama regarding jesus being special, risen etc.

1960, Hugh Montefiore, ‘Jesus, the Revelation of God’, in Christ For Us Today, London, 1960.

“Inspired by certain mysterious references such as the ‘disciple Jesus loved…: leaning back on Jesus’ breast’ (John 13:23-25), in the 1960s Anglican Bishop Hugh Montefiore put forward the idea that Jesus might have been a homosexual as ‘an explanation we must not ignore’.”22

So he wasn’t straight either.

This has to be one of the most biggest contradictions ever 

Many scholars studied on jesus in 20th century.

Some said he was some guerilla leader

Some said he was leader of robbers

Some even said he arranged his own crucifixion .

More quotations.

1969, S.S. Levin, Jesus alias Christ, New York, 1969.

He argued that “the miracles, ethical teachings, and warnings that the world will shortly come to a catastrophic end are wrongly ascribed to Jesus in the gospels, and in fact represent actions and sayings of John the Baptist”.24 Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was a political demonstration, and his effort to clean the temple was an effort to seize it after surveying its defences. But the Romans foiled his insurrection, and crucified him. That was his end.

1970, Carlo Fuento, Terra Nostra, New York, 1970.

The Mexican novelist showed that Jesus survived the “fraudulent crucifixion” which involved a substitute, and was no saviour.

1971, Haim Cohn, The Trial and Death of Jesus, New York, 1971.

Cohn was an ex-attorney-general of Israel and a member of its Supreme Court when he wrote this book. He dismissed the Jewish trial and condemnation of Jesus as a ridiculous fiction. The Jewish authorities, in fact, had tried to save him by advising   him not to proclaim himself as the Messiah. It was Jesus who invited death by such a proclamation before Pilate. So crucifixion is the central theme in the story of Jesus. He was killed by the Romans.

And he was not buried because victims of crucifixion were not allowed that rite.

Now that we know jesus wasn’t some saviour historically.

How should we counter them?

I will be quoting some arguments from Kristumata Chedanam below.

  • Hell is the eternal residence of all sinners.  Since Jesus took upon himself sins of all he becomes the greatest sinner and doesn‟t deserve anything other than falling into the Hell. Besides, it is said in the testimonies of apostles that Jesus went to Hell after death. So, it is certain that Jesus went to Hell.
  • Since you yourself say that it is a sin not to believe in Christ and also that he suffered for all the sins of all the souls born before and after him, the suffering undergone by Christ himself is in atonement for the sin of non-believing in him. If at all anyone has to suffer in Hell, it should be only Christ and it is, therefore, unfair to make the souls also suffer in Hell.
  • Why didn’t the Holy Spirit create the Bible instead of inspiring the devotees to write it? Jesus should have been endowed with innate purity and knowledge when Holy Spirit created Jesus as flawless human being. If it was so, what was the necessity of the Spirit descending like a dove upon Jesus

So it proves that Jesus didn’t possess any characteristics of god because other logically he has to go to hell but wait! God can’t go to hell! He is god! Or is he?


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