Life is very small and it works in specific order, that specific Order calls “Karma” and we get good or bad in our life according to the Karma. We may be seeing thousands of innocent killing, death, poor getting sudden rich and many magical instances and sometimes being sorrow or sometime surprised because of it but it is all about Krma.

There are thousands of Regression session exposed the incarnation mystery and successfully resolved the mental disorders.
Before a decade even today many of people and specific Religion don’t believe it but incarnation and Karma Siddhanta does not care what you think. It works very specific under Tit for tat methodology
It’s very important for all of us to understand the Dharma and live the life accordingly.

Draupadi cheerharan
Draupadi cheerharan

To better understand dharma, there may be thousands of books in market but “Geeta” is only one which can make you aware about it.
Speaking lie for own benefit, beating own father and mother, cheating own husband or wife, doing unethical activity to earn money it all being responded by nature very brutally.

Here are some concquences:
1. Those people who mislead and take advantage of father and mother love in negative way to enjoy life and spend time and money in lust they suffer the same and sometime more worse by their own children.
2. Those who misbehaves with other girls, their daughters or sister getting punished in the same way or more worse.
( We generally say that the girl was very gentle then why God did that) but it is all built by us for our own future.

Their are lots of more examples but rather than going with example, we should talk on prevention and action plan.
Life is to enjoy the nature positively with full of energy and enlightenment but because of movies and programs we have been Hypnotized and these days living life like animals and punishing ourselves, families, relatives and friends
We should learn the art of life and living to enjoy it in right way, Foriegners are leaving those lust lifestyle and trying to love in Sanatan Dharma way then why we are not?
Why we are addicted to follow the old, bad, skipped, failed, dump methodology for living.
This is the only one question you, me, we have to realize and reunion the India for our and our coming generation. It’s our responsibility.

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