Lansdowne : A small hill station to make your weekend awesome

Lansdowne also known as Lansdown is a small but popular Hill Station Situated in the lap of Garhwal Mountain ranges, State of Uttarakhand, India. It is a cantonment town that is situated at Kotdwar-Pauri Road. Lansdowne is mainly controlled by Garhwal Rifles, a Subsidiary of the Indian Army. 

Lansdowne is known for its peaceful and Pollution Free environment, Beautiful Mountain sceneries, and Picnic spots.

Start of The Mission Lansdowne : The Idea Developed

After we had started The Indian Rover, we were Planning on our First Road trip as a Team. I and Nitish agreed on visiting a nearby Hill Station in Uttarakhand which can be an ideal spot for a day visit keeping in mind our limited monetary conditions. Finally, we selected Landowne from two of our options Kanatal, and Lansdowne. 

Now the destination was ready,  So we started Packing our Bags. We wanted to keep it light so we only kept Basic things such as smartphones, power banks, and one set of clothes.

Since I was in favor of  an adventurous and Trekking Trip, So out of my Desperation I kept my vegetable knife and Lighter in my pack LoL. 

Gaurav Mishra, cousin, and roommate of Nitish happily decided to join us when asked. It’s better to be three than two. Right!  My sister packed us some parathas for our trip. Perks of being a middle-class student.

Actual Start of the trip :

8:30 PM, 17th September, 2016

We met a Raj chopla, our landmark to start the trip from Modinagar. We had decided to go by train. Our train was going to arrive at Ghaziabad Railway Station at 10:05 PM Sharp. We were getting late though, we took a bus which dropped us in the midway of a T-point from where we got to the Station by an Auto Rickshaw. Nitish bought us 3 tickets and Bam! we were about to get on the Journey. But wait! It was going to be in a second class compartment. Man! If you have not traveled in the second class of  Indian railways, you should take one. It is an experience that one should have So that he can thank God for things he has in his life. anyway, After a 6-hour mind-boggling Journey we landed at Najibabad Station at 4:00 AM. Since there was no train to Kotdwar at the time we had to take a Mini-Bus to Kotdwar from there.

najibabad Station

A click on the Najibabad Railway Station. Me at the back.

We reached Kotdwar at 7:00 AM and took Jeep for Lansdowne. The charges were 70 Rupees per person If you want to know.

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9:00 AM, 18th September, 2016

We had made our list of sights to visit So we first got us fresh at a Public Paid washroom. Then we took some advice with locales regarding the nearby places and took off for Bhulla Lake.

Bhulla Lake is maintained by Garhwal rifles. It is very beautiful and Crystal clean. You will find real peace when you walk beside it. We found ourselves embarrassed with our Smartphones as everyone was busy Taking Photos with a DSLR. But here is one we took. Bhulla lake, Bhulla Tal, Lansdowne, Hill station.

Bhulla Lake, Lansdowne

We took our time to rest on the premises. Thanks to the Authorities, It was nice to watch small Rabbits, and Birds in a little zoo in the area. After getting out of the Lake we were feeling a little hungry. So, we chose a lonely spot and Started our picnic with Parathas.

PS: we kept the poly bags in our bag until we dumped it in a dustbin.


Town View of Lansdowne

Now it was time to visit St. Mary Church. But It was closed. It is opened for prayer on Sunday only. So, we continued our walk to Tip n Top Point or also called Tiffin Top or Suicide Point.

NOTE: It is the highest point of Lansdowne. It is really very high. I mean I couldn’t stare down from the point for more than 30 seconds! Joking friends! But yeah, It was a very thrilling experience. We stayed there for about 1 hour and kept looking at the visitors and making jokes.

01:00 PM, 18th September, 2016 

Now since we’d visited the places inside the town and we were not in the mood of visiting cantonment we decided to make our way back to Kotdwar. A local person told us,”There is a 4-5 kilometer trek to a point mid in the road from where you can easily take a Jeep to Kothdwar”. and a little famous place, Bheem pakora is also situated in the middle of the trek. So we decided to take this trek route. We started walking down the road. Here is a picture.

After 2-3 kilometers, we reached the Spot, Bheem pakora, It is a normal place. The only specialty is that stones are placed over one another and they can’t be displaced with bare hands. The legend goes that Bheem when visited this place during his Vanvas had put these stones on each other. Stones were in the shape of pakora, so it became the name of the place. We also tried our luck. It was fun.

Bheem pakora

Bheem Pakora, Lansdowne

02:00 PM, 18th September, 2016

After some time, we got to a Resort and there was a T – point road there. we asked the reception regarding the road, like which road to take and where it leads. He told us to go straight down the road and we could reach the destination in about half an hour. But here is the Twist in the Plot. We took the Wrong Turn.

Lansdowne trekking route

After 1 hour of walking on the turning roads, we realized that we were going under the woods and there was no sign of getting out of it. The road was leading us to no-where. Nitish and Gaurav were arguing about whether to take our way back to where we had started the trek or not, but we kept going on the road, after about one more hour, we first saw the road. But It was 200-300 ft. down the hills and it was suicidal to go down to the road at that point. So we kept going on our track in the hope we could find the connection to the road.  So we gradually started getting down the mountain in a zig-zag manner. After about 30 minutes of hassle, we were finally on the road. We were So happy that we literally started jumping and shouting on the road. I feel funny now when I recall the memory. We were tired as hell, So we took the Jeep to Lodwar which we found after 15 minutes on the same road. As I can calculate we had traveled about 25-30 kilometers on that trek. 

At 07:00 PM we took the bus to Delhi. and I was back to my Room at 10:30 PM. This 24 hour trip cost us about 1400 rupees which is half of the average cost spent on same trip.

In this way We completed our First Trip to The Indian Rover. The Growth since then has been unexpected but very much interesting and learning.

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