Maasir-i-Alamgiri – Pawan Prajapati

The Indian Rover (Issue: September, 2021)

Maasir-i-Alamgiri – Pawan Prajapati

Next time you get a chance to demolish any arabic structure, start from staircases.

9 अेल 1669 को Aurangzeb ordered to demolish temples as much as possible.

Kashi Vishwanath Mandir! Which is being ignored by the government, even after knowing everything. Moreover, after seeing the stupidity, pride and politics by the Hindus, it seems that in this lifespan I will not be able to see this temple being built.

Order to break Jagannath Temple-

Azam demolished 8 Ancient temples in Bijapur

The temple of Chintamna, and built by Sitadas, Aurangzeb converted into a mosque and named Qmmt-ul-islam.

Somnath temple also destroyed by Mc Aurangzeb

And in 19 Dec. 1661 k2@ mir jumla entered kuch Bihar and destroyed all hindu temples and built mosque to over them

Another hindu temple Dehra Keshav Rai at mathura demolished by beloved sufi mother f¥cker Aurangzeb

7 April 1670 wazir khan sent a slave to destroyed all temple around Ujjain.

In the same year in orissa, All temples also demolished

The Yasho-Madhav temple demolish in the Dacca district

Darab Khan was sent with a strong force to punish the Rajputs Khandela and demolish the great temple Khandela, Sanula and all other temples in the around that’s area.

In Jan 1680, The grand temple at Udaipur was also destroyed.

On 24 Jan, the Emperor went to view the lake Udaisagar and ordered all the three temples on its banks to demolish.

On 29 Jan. Hassan Ali Khan reported that 172 other temples in the Udaipur have been demolished.

On 22 Feb 1680. the Emperor went to look at Chitor and by his order the 63 temples of the place were also destroyed

Aug, 1680 Abu said that he had rallied down 66 temples in Amber.

Aurangzeb appointed Abdul Rahim Khan to demolish temple’s and put down infidel practices in the haidarabad. He was destroyed the temples and build mosques on their sites.

In 1698. Khan Bahadur destroy the temple of Bijapur and build a mosque.