My Grandfather – Diptarupa Mallick

My Grandfather - Diptarupa Mallick

Never had I thought I would lose you,

That I would never be able to see you,

From the day you breathed your last.

It’s not that I had not seen deaths in the past,

But your departure was something,

I could never accept either at first or last.

I cried a lot, looking at your things,

Remembering you, my eyes were full of tears,

Your absence was something I could not bear.

There was nothing I could do,

That could bring you back,

Your death, created in my life, a big gap.

Your words that even I could rank in class,

Kept ringing in my ears,Giving expression to your dreams,

Became my only desire.

Gradually, I succeeded….I became first in class,

But you were transformed into a portrait then,Alas!

You had told me, not to weep,

When you are not there,

“How could you say so?” I cry and wonder!

I miss you,

I want you in my life forever,

I can never forget you, ‘Dada’, never!

Please come back to me,

And hold my hand –

And take me to your magic land.

I aspire to be your granddaughter,

In all other lives,

And want you as my grandfather,

Who can make me smile.

                     – Diptarupa Mallick