Philosophy of Kama in Sanatana Dharma- Kaushiki Shukla

Philosophy of Kama in Sanatana Dharma- Kaushiki Shukla

There are four types of srishti in the shastras Yagyik, Sankalpik, Mansik, Maithuni. At this time the Maithuni srishti is present on earth. There are four Purusharth Dharma, Karma, Kama & Moksha. All the 8.4 million Yonis procreate by Maithun That’s why kaam is important.

The magnitude of kaam in men and women is different. The outcome of grain is described by Saptdhatu which is Rasa(liquid), Rakta(Blood), Maans(Flesh), Meda(Fat), Asthi(Bones), Majja(Bone marrow) & Shukra(Semen) sequentially. The Kama of man is created by the eighth Dhatu(Root) of Grain. But the Kama of women starts with menstrual cycle mean Rakta(Blood). When Grain become Rasa and then Rakta, it originates the Kama in women. But the Shukra(Semen) is at 8th position from the Grain. This is why it is called that the Kama(desire) of Women is 8th times of men.

According to Rigveda 1.164 Men and Women are not different. The Shukra(Semen) of Men is mild even after men are Agneya. Women are Mild but the Rakta(Blood) of women is Agneya. That’s why both have desire of each other to complete each other. That’s why the vaginal area of women is warm on the day of conception. It is stated in Vrahadaranyaka Upanishada that Kama(Desire) originates in Mann(mind) which affects reproduction organs. Here the Kama is Diety the woman is Rishi and the reproduction organs are Bhokta(Consumer). The mind gets pleasure.

In Ramacharitra manas when Shivji was in Samadhi and the Tarkasur slaughter was just about to happen, who had boon from Brahma that he can only killed by the son of Shiva. To make this possible it was necessary to bring Shivji out of Samadhi. This responsibility was given to Manoj(Kamadeva) so he shot the arrow towards Shiva. Shiva Destroyed Kama but the magic of kama worked on him, He got out from samadhi and then married to Parvati. And the same time Goswami baba says that there is no one who is not tormented by Kama.

In Mahabharta Yudhistira asks Vasudeva that Who get more pleasure from Kama? Vasudeva says this question will be answered by Bhishma. The point to be noted here is that The knowledge of Kama is given to grandson by the grandfather. With help of a story, Bheeshm explains the answer to Yuddhisthir. In the story a king had turned to female due to a Curse. His all son were killed. He did penance of Lord Indra. Indra agreed to revive one son of his choice. King selected his first son after he turned into female.

When Indra asked the reason for the choice, he said that he got more pleasure during conception of this son when he was female. So Our Scriptures tell us that pleasure of female is of more importance. The thought of Kama remain along with the human because it is the product of Kama. There is no thought stable than this on this earth. The man who’s Kama is unsatisfied is considered to make blunders. The matter of thought is that the Man and Woman become whole only by Kama this Kama brings melody between both of them. If there was no Kama How would have been relations between men and women.

Why Vatsayan sage had to think so deeply about Kama? in the form of Kamasutra? The only answer to this is that he told about the psychology of men so the disorder can be overcome. Kamasutra contains all information related to Kama, In the today’s time 70% crimes are related to Kama disorders in which Rape, Sexual harassment, molestation, running away with girls and extra marital affairs comes.

Why the Lustful sculptures are there in our temples? which starts from Ellora Temples and expands to khajuraho. The Kama of our culture is different from the Lust here the Kama represents all types of desires, In which Lokeshna(desire for Fame), Vitteshna(desire for money), Pttreshna(desire for son) are included. Kama was presented in temples so that human can overcome themselves from Kama. Indian scriptures contain the information about Kama like the other topics. Seeing Kama as weirdly is in the phylosophy of Yahudi, Christian and Muslim. where screaming, forceful acts and rape are considers Men satisfaction.