The Reckoning Of Time And The Creation Of Man -Dhaval Parmar

The English term “Man” comes from Vedic word “Manu”, known as first man on Earth however Vedic scriptures says there are 14 such first man in just 12 hours of material World by Creator Lord Brahma. The calculation of creation based on modern Science is based only limited to 12 Brahma hours & not beyond.

Our Position.

We are located in the 51st Brahma year.

Within that Brahma year, we are in the first Brahma day, called the Varaha kalpa.

Within that Brahma day, we are in the seventh manvantara (Vivashwata Manu – the son of the Sun god whose name is VIVASHWAN), & in the 28th maha yuga of that manvantara. This would place us at about the 454th maha yuga of the 1,000 maha yugas that comprise 12 hrs of Brahma.

Within this maha yuga, we are in KaliYuga. The present kaliyuga started on Feb 20 of 1 KB or 3102 BC at 2 hours, 27 minutes& 30 seconds. On Feb 2021 AD a total of 5123 years of kaliyuga would elapsed.

5123 KB or 2021 AD. That means that we are fairly early in Kali Yuga and this age will continue 426,877 more years for this yuga to come to an end & the Satyuga would begin once again.

14 manus / First man

(1) The first Manu was Svayambhuva. The gods then were the yamas.

(2) Svarochisha was the second Manu. The gods were the tushitas and the names of the seven great sages were Dattoli, Chyavana, Stambha, Prana, Kashyapa, Ourva & Brihaspati.

(3) The third Manu was Outtama. The gods were named the bhavanas & Koukurundi, Dalbhya, Shankha, Pravahana, Shiva, Sita & Sasmita were the saptarshis.

(4) Tamas was the fourth Manu. The seven great sages were Kavi,Prithu, Agni, Akapi, Kapi, Jalpa & Dhimana & the gods were known as the sadhyas.

(5) The fifth manvantara was ruled over by a Manu named Raivata. The gods were the abhutarajas and the seven great sages were Devavahu, Suvahu, Parjanya, Somapa, Munti, Hiranyaroma & Saptashva.

(6) Chakshusha was the sixth Manu. The gods were known as the lekhas and the seven great sages were Bhrigu, Sudhama, Viraja, Sahishnu, Nada, Vivasvana, & Atinama.

(7) The seventh manvantara is the one that is now CURRENT & the name of the Manu is Vaivasvata. The saptarshis (Our Gotra/DNA/RNA) are Atri, Vashishtha, Kashyapa, Goutama, Bharadvaja, Vishvamitra & Jamadagni. The gods are the sadhyas, the vishvadevas, the maruts, the vasus, the two ashvinis & the adityas.

(8) FUTURE MANU Maharajs Predection – The eighth Manu will be Savarni & the seven great sages of this era will be Ashvatthama, Sharadvana, Koushika, Galava, Shatananda, Kashyapa & Rama. (In the Eithe Manvantra Lord Vamana would fight with his Brother Indra & hand over the Indraloka to Maharaj Bali who is presently residing at Sutal-loka)

(9) The ninth Manu wil be Rouchya.

(10) Bhoutya will be the tenth Manu.

(11) The eleventh Manu will be named Merusavarni.

(12) Rita will be the twelth Manu.

(13) Ritadhama will be the thirteenth Manu

(14) The fourteenth and final Manu will be named Vishvakasena

To be contd with calculations……..

  ||HaRe KriShnA||


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