Seven Types Of Dreams – Dhaval Parmar

Dreams – There Are 7 Types Of Dreams

Seeing, Listening, Realisation, Desire, Imagination, Future, dosha/sins.

The first 5 are not so important, they appear as per our actions, what we think, listen, desire constantly they come in form of dreams, basically any actions that we perform via our 5 senses makes a pattern in our brain & it takes a form of a dream. These dreams have no outcome, they should be considered as useless.

Sometimes we get unknown dreams which we never thought about, these can make sense.

For eg few dreams related to animals, snakes, Deities of Bhagwan, Shivling etc.

Snakes – If the snake appears & disappears the dream makes no sense, if the snake is white it brings good luck and black would bring bad luck, if the snake bites it would bring lots of problems.

Animals & others – Cow, Elephant, saintly person and divine celestial beings are considered very auspicious in any colour, black/white or all colours, any other living in black is considered as inauspicious in dreams.

Deities/Shiva lingam – it indicates a lot of wealth and victory, divine beings in any form are considered to be auspicious, brings good luck.

—When do they gives results?

  1. In day time it brings no results.
  2. If we see dreams and forget, it won’t bring any results.
  3. If we dream and share, it would not bring results.
  4. Long or very small dreams never brings results.
  5. Over thinking, or in pain, sleeping naked, forcefully nature’s call while in dream, fear of something, keeping hair open while sleeping. Dreams in such condition, specially if they are auspicious also, they would bring no good results. It may bring bad sometimes.

— The moment we sleep & we get a dream which includes the last 2 points related to future or sins, than we get the results.

In midnight, results in 8 months.
Before sunrise – 3 to 6 months.
After sunrise – same day we get the result.

Very important is one doesn’t sleep after watching such dream, else its of no use. Neither dreams should be shared to anybody but only those who could decode.

For Bad dreams plz donate as per the dream. Offer water, share dreams to holy basil/Tulsiji, pour water, the bad luck would go away.

Reference – Brahma Vaivarta Puran.
Sri Krishna khanda
Refer to Chapter on dreams for more details.

||HarE KriShna||


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