Swing of Survival - Aadil Zeffer

Everyone! Live placid with paltry means.

Look for a grace, not opulence

and politesse, not couture.

Let’s hearken all, with honest heart

and to affairs, together we sprint never.

For doubt is harsh and malefic at times.

So, acquire skills to withstand it,

through fables which feed us

and fling past failings,

and perception of imperfections.

We know, marvellous feats eventuate when,

we get sincere with self.

So, let’s begin working with love

and steer the swing of survival.

About Aadil Zeffer :-

Aadil Zeffer is an internationally experienced English Faculty, having more than 5-years of teaching experience in India and abroad. He has more than 200 Certificates to his credit which includes Ph.D. in English (pursuing), M.Phil., Master’s Degrees in various Subjects, CELTA from University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, CIF from CEBP France, A Course in RSE from Russia, CII from Parola Italy, CIS from ELE Spain, Faculty Development Courses from KSA, a Course in Neurosciences from IIT Kanpur, a Course in Research Methodology from IIT Kharagpur, PGDL, CTE, B.Ed. etc. He is an author of An Educational Supplement and is presently working on two more books entitled Convergence and Precarious Preamble.


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