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ॐ ≠ OM (#SanatanaThreads / 2) – Tirtha

“ॐ” is unquestionably the most sacred, sublime, and scientific sound of the universe since time immemorial. It is the sound that was heard when the creation of the universe took place, it can be heard now at present in the sound frequency of the cosmos, and it shall be heard when the destruction of the universe shall takes place. In the Sanātana dharma, this is the most revered sound of all. All the mantras of the Veda incept with it, so do […]

Magazine poetry

The Sanatana Dharma

The Indian Rover ( Issue: May, 2021) The Sanatana Dharma – Saheb Ghosh Who teaches us to make kind our heart,Who makes us spiritually smart.Says and shows fruit gets as Karma,That’s nothing other than Santana dharma. Monks like Vivekananda has given proof,The Sanatana dharma is all dharma’s roof.It has the prowess to tolerate other religions’ weight,To […]

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