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Yoga and Meditation

How Meditation Actually Works

Meditation  Meditation has been a fascinating term for the west as they are new to the terminologies of Ancient terms. For us, Meditation has been an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, In the last few centuries we have been alienated from yoga as part of our daily lives.  Today, I would share one simple […]

War of Narrative

Who are the Yazidis and Why are they relevant to Hindus?

Who are the Yazidis and Why are they relevant to Hindus? Yazidis have existed and in fact nurtured themselves in middle east for many centuries. But, In the last decade they have been center of persecution at hands of Islamic terrorism. Let’s take a look into the story of yazidis. Who are the Yazidis? Yazidis […]


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: A Leader You Can’t Ignore

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: An Outstanding Leader Any empire, however big the leader is, can’t sustain if the highest government order isn’t well managed. The administration and its stakeholders are liable for success or failure of an empire. One of the key reasons for the fulfillment of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was that he ran a superb […]

Scriptures and philosophy

Yajñaseni – The Woman Born From The Fire

Yajñaseni ( Draupadi) Her name was Yajñaseni. Maharshi Dhomya(धोम्य) had made her Avbhrat Snana. Her birth was not a normal thing. She was अग्निजा (Born from Agni). Draupadi did not had idea of mother’s milk and she was not born for it. She knew her purpose even before being born. It’s said that she burnt […]

War of Narrative

Why Feminism Is Not Relevant In India: A Woman’s View

The Feminist Movement was started in the West with the intent to create gender equality in society. Today, let’s be honest, girls, it has come a long way to mean male-bashing, female supremacy, and oppressing masculinity to the core.  In India, This movement has been hijacked and imported by the Leftists groups. As they have […]


Ramayana Trails: An Introduction

Ramayana Trails: An Introduction Ramayana is the Itihas of India and Contemporary world of the time when Ayodhya and Lanka were the centers of the Socio-Political scenario. It was the time when Ravana, A Rakshas King had won most parts of the world excluding a few like Mahishmati and Kishkindha. The Itihas revolve around three […]

Blog Itihas

10 Warriors In Mahabharata You Must Know

In the era of Mahabharata,  there were many skilled and powerful warriors. Although the morals of Mahabharata is more about Dharma and Adharma with a basis of our Karma, it’s always interesting to read about the scales in which the wars were fought, the weapons the warriors possessed, the ups and downs in the battles […]

Scriptures and philosophy

Two instances in the Rāmāyana which teach us that karma is supreme

Two instances in the Rāmāyana which teach us that karma is supreme In Sanātana culture, karma of the past drives the life incidents of the present and the karma of the present determines the life incidents of the future. Whatever (good or bad) action you perform, it will have an effect on your present and […]

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