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February 2021: Art

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) Dr. Srilatha Bhargava 1. Radiance Radiance – Dr. Srilatha Bhargava 2. Kala Kala – Dr. Srilatha Bhargava About Dr. Srilatha Bhargava: Dr. Srilatha Bhargava, a qualified Dental Surgeon from India has completed her PhD from Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Being a creative personality and passionate about Bharath, she loves to […]

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Interview: Featuring Francois Gautier

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) The Indian Rover (Issue: Feb, 2021) || Interview: François Gautier Speaks to Tirtha, Editor-in-Chief François Gautier is a name that is known to everyone who is researching on Indian history, especially the history that has long been subdued by the leftist & Nehruvian historians for the last 70 years. […]

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Geography and Astronomy of Earth

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) Geography and Astronomy of Earth – Prateechi It is hoped that you have not forgotten that Svayambhuva Manu had a son named Priyavrata. Priyavrata had ten sons. Their  names were Agnidhra, Agnivahu, Vapushmana, Dyutimana, Medha, Medhatithi, Bhavya, Savana, Putra and Jyotishmana. Medha, Agnivahu and Putra had no desire to […]

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Inclusion Of Bhagwan Vishnu In Buddhism

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) Inclusion Of Bhagwan Vishnu In Buddhism By Shri Lal Raghudev Ram Singh Buddhism consists of various Hindu deities; most of the Vedic deities have been accepted in Buddhism from a different philosophical point of view. Many people do not know how Lord Vishnu has been included in Buddhism, what […]

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Why Vedas and Indian history must be reinterpreted?

The Indian Rover(Issue: February, 2021) Why the Vedas and Indian history must be reinterpreted? Akash Bhat Max Muller admitted his intention to undermine Hinduism. In a letter to his wife in 1886 he wrote: “The translation of the Veda will hereafter tell to a great extent on the fate of India and on the growth […]

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Jagannath Temple Revisited

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) Jagannath Temple Revisited – Saptarshi Kar Ancient Jagannath Temple There has been a dramatic increase in activities of Hindu Religious Organisations (HROs) in  India in the past seven decades. In the wake of Neoliberalism of the 1980s many of such  organisations had an additional impulse to work for humanity. […]

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Panini and truth of Vishwanath Kashinath Rajwade

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) क्या पाणिनि ने ‘मित्र को सम्भोगार्थ स्व पत्नि देने की कुप्रथा’ का समर्थन किया है? – शिव प्रताप सिंह Vishwanath Kashinath Rajwade एक मराठी इतिहासकार विश्वनाथ काशीनाथ राजवाडे ने मराठी भाषा में अत्यंत आपत्तिजनक पुस्तक “भारतीय विवाह संस्थेचा इतिहास” लिखी थी। जिसमें हिंदू समाज पर अनेकों अश्लील और अनीतिकारक […]

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History of Mewar And Maharana Pratap

The Indian Rover (Issue: February, 2021) History of Mewar and Maharana Pratap Vikrant Parmar and k. Singh Let’s start this article by citing a wonderful composition in the honor of Maharana Pratap by Shrimad Ishadutt (श्रीमदीशदत्त-विरचित): अभूत्पुरा भारतभाविभासकः स एकलिङ्गस्य सदंघ्र्युपासकः। महाबली दुर्गचित्तोड़शासकः प्रतापसिंहः परतापनाशकः॥ i.e. The one who had spread Bharatiya glory, the worshipper […]

Yoga and Meditation

How Meditation Actually Works

Meditation  Meditation has been a fascinating term for the west as they are new to the terminologies of ancient India. For us, meditation has been an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, in the last few centuries, we have been alienated from yoga which was a part of our daily lives previously.  Today, I would […]

War of Narrative

Who are the Yazidis and Why are they relevant to Hindus?

Yazidis have existed and, in fact, nurtured themselves in the middle East for many centuries. But, in the last decade, they have been a centre of persecution at the hands of Islamic terrorism. Let’s take a look into the story of Yazidis. Who are the Yazidis? Yazidis are a monotheistic minority community residing mainly in […]

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