The Asuravinasini

The Asuravinasini - Punita Kumari

I find hard to define you
You make all objects merge within You
You are creator, nourisher and demolisher
You are the start and you alone are the end.
Your shape is endless, pervaded into every particles
You are the peace giver as well as the worry-killer.
You are both darkness remover and light shedder 
Your every form(rupa)is peace, prosperity, and happiness giver.
Whenever you come on the Mrityuloka,
You give many souls libration from worldly chain and pain
You are worshipped, cherished and praised in every house.
The nine holy days are the lessons for human.
The first day, you form the shape of daughter of the Himalayas, Shailputri
Bring wealth and prosperity in every shelter with you
With the form of Brahmacharini, you inculcate the control and indifference in men as Yogis.
Chandraghanta rings the bell for waking the sleep conscious and makes the soul brave.
For curing the world from fatal diseases, you take birth as Kushmanda
The fifth day is celebrated in respect of 
Skandmata, the salvation giver and wish fullfiller.
The enemy killer and savior maa Katyayani , you come in the dusk,
The persona who threatens the evil spirits with her red eyes,
Is none other than Kali, the Asuravinasini herself.
Mahagauri comes the next, is an epitome of beauty, kindness, purity.
At last Maa Siddhidatri fulfills the cherished wishes of men.
What a various Rasas have you in your personality!
You are all, All are you
You come to in different shapes to help us
You are in every Nari, 
Every woman has your essence and she becomes it when it is needed.

Bio :

Punita Kumari is a student of MA English Literature. She is  doing PG from Vasant college for Women Rajghat, Varanasi.