The Magi & the Mystery- Tirtha

Painting: The Magi & the Mystery

Artist: Tirtha

Medium: Water Colour

Description: Baby Jesus, on the lap of the holy mother Mary, gazes at the three Magi.

Photographer: Swarnendu GuhaRoy



The holy Bible (Matthews 2:1-12) records that when Jesus was born in Bethlehem (a city 10 kms. away from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel), three Magi (Latin word, meaning “magicians”) from the East went to visit him by “calculating the astrological equations of star constellation”. It is to be noted that astrology by calculating star constellation originated in the Vedic Jyotiṣa Vidyā. These three Magi (or alternatively, the three wise men) are:

Melchior: According to Bible, he brought gold as gift, and he is described as the oldest man with pale white beard. Wait, isn’t he Brahmā, the creator, depicted in the Veda?

Caspar: According to Bible, he brought frankincense (a fragrant oil that is only found in the Indian subcontinent). He is described as a handsome youth having dark complexion. Hmm, you are right. He was none other than Viṣṇu, the preserver.

Balthazar: He brought myrrh (a resin which is only found in the Himalaya). He is described as having a strong and masculine physique along with deadlocks on his head. Wait, isn’t he like Śiva, the destroyer?

When Jesus saw them, he was exhilarated with abundant joy and tried to touch them from mother Mary’s lap.

Enough is said. The rest can be figured out by the “wise men” who will be reading this or beholding the painting.


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