The Priest - Soumik Kumar De

Adore the temple

The deity is there

Not an invisible one

But whom you can touch and feel.

The deity of your own

Whom you worshiped 

With your own labour

From dawn to dusk

The temple of your own

Whom you built

Not with vain red bricks

But with your nerve and sinew

Then one day 

You find it there

So strong and stout

Structured with muscles.

It gives you

A fresh breath and energy 

And one behind it all

The yogi, the yoga.


Mr. Soumik Kumar De is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. He was born in 1977 in Bankura, West Bengal. An M.A. and M.Phil. in English literature Mr. De has several bilingual poems to his credit.  His first anthology Adrikake Niye was published in 2005. It was a collection of Bengali creative poems. His poems have been included in several journals, anthologies and web magazines like Aulos: An Anthology of Poems, Caravan, Sangshaptak, Borderless Journal etc. Besides he has several academic and non- academic writings. He also has edited a bilingual (English to Bengali) dictionary for little kids. He is also a writer of short story and flash fictions. He has a penchant for travelling and so far covered almost all the states of India. Beside writing he likes to spend his leisure hours by painting and playing guitar.


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