The Sanatana Dharma - Saheb Ghosh

Who teaches us to make kind our heart,
Who makes us spiritually smart.
Says and shows fruit gets as Karma,
That’s nothing other than Santana dharma.

Monks like Vivekananda has given proof,
The Sanatana dharma is all dharma’s roof.
It has the prowess to tolerate other religions’ weight,
To get spiritually peace, one must not wait.

All dharmas of the world are tied up with it,
It’s enough for other, Sanatana dharma’s a little bit.
It teaches to love everyone and respect,
There is God, even in a little insect. How much praise you do, it will be less;
When one drown, he observes the neatness

About Saheb Shosh:-

Saheb Ghosh, a man of kind heart. He extremely believes in god’s existence and also believes that God is the reason behind all the happenings. He thinks that without honesty no magnificent work can be done. He takes care of trees and his family also. He writes short stories and poems in magazines both in Bengali and English.


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