The Sky is Blue – Upasana Mukherjee

The Sky is Blue - Upasana Mukherjee

Blue Sky

Today is different for Sonia ,she is watching  the morning  sky filled with white clouds. Different flower are smiling in their blowing faces .The birds are chirping merrily. The squirrel  are fidgeting with their  nuts .A melodious tune coming from far and away pervades the surrounding. Everything appears so beautiful. 

On 29th  September 2020,were the darkest days of her life .In the evening, her parents  took her to the doctor. When the doctor  came with the results,  he told her to wait outside  the room with her aunty .After some time her parents  came out the room . They had tears in their eyes.

Sonia asked” Mom! Dad! What happened ?”

They didn’t  speak  a word .

At night before tucking her to bed her mom told her about  the diagnosis  of  the  doctor. 

In the morning, she, she felt  gloomy ,sad and sick . In the evening  she got shifted to a hospital  bed. She was the only one there. Her chemotherapy  started.  Slowly  her hair  fell out . She felt very unhappy. As days passed she felt more miserable.  No one  was allowed to meet her except  her , nurse , and parent . Her parent now talked to her with their heads down .cried in her absence. These things  made her very upset. Sometimes she used to look out the hospital window to see the bird and the white clouds floating the blue sky . She  silently said  to the clouds  “Oh clouds! Please tell my parents and friends  that I will  come  back “

While she was saying  this sunlight  peep through  the clouds  .

After a month ,she was allowed  to go home . For her this was a sign of progress  . But every few days she had to go back to the hospital for her chemotherapy.  It was very painful  but she withstood it courageously. 

After six months of chemotherapy and check-ups and being  trapped  in a  room, yesterday  the doctor  told her that she is finally  cured.

She left  the hospital  room and  went to the chamber of the  doctor . When her mother  thanked  the doctor in the tearful  eyes ,she could  see  the  blue sky in her mothers eyes .

I am Upasana Mukherjee, a 6 grade student in  Shrishikshayatan school,  Kolkata ,West Bengal . I am currently  12 years  old and was born  on 9th  September  2009. I love to draw  and sometimes  like to read books. My favourite  books  are -Matilda by Roald Dahl and Harry Potter  series  by J.K. Rowling.  While my favourite  writers  are  – Ruskin Bond  , Sudha Murty and Roald Dahl. 

Thanks and regards. 

Upasana Mukherjee