The Tied Trio - Soumik Kumar De

I saw the lily-livered mother

Offering her hard-earned food

To her babies

I knew the saffron. 

I saw the gory lady

Stooping before the altar 

At the cost of her honour

I knew the white.

I saw them all

Bricks on head, commands ahead

Tireless even….on bed

I knew the green.

Going on and on

With toil and struggle 

Then to now, without a pause

This, the wheel.

Confined and cuffed

Thorny and tough

So they boundered

It’s   rectangular.

Yet there’s the noose

To tie them and to loose 

At your ease.

Salute, salute, salute.

About Soumik Kumar De:-

Soumik Kumar De is a poet by passion and a teacher by profession. A postgraduate and Master of Philosophy in English literature, Mr. De has been severally anthologized in publications of international repute like Setu, INNSAEI, Borderless, The Indian Rover, Lipi, AWS e-zine, Literoma etc. His poems have been included in internationally acclaimed books like Aulos: An Anthology of Poems; Caravan; Insalutas; Paradise on Earth, An International Anthology; Earth, Fire Water Wind, CYAN: An Anthology of Confessional Poetry to name a few. His poems have also been included in Timeless Inspiration: An International Anthology 2021 and The Romantic Breeze. Painting is another of his special area of interest. His oil paints have been included in many internationally acclaimed books.


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