Sanatan Dharma is so intellectual and deep about entire Universe cycle and explain all micro and major changes of what happened and what will be done in future so accurate without any doubt. Here I am sharing discussion points with ancient Shlokas to explain the earth life and ecology movement.

Indra says that this entire universe is designed to recycle and the ecology has been set in four part.. 1) Satyuga, 2) Tretayuga 3) Dwaparayug and 4) Kalayuga )

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1) Satyuga – People were made by Satva tatva under which they all were Known of Bramha Vidhya, they were born with super conciouness and their entire life was dependent on Yoga, Yagya, meditation etc. They were living with Nature.. That time nature was intractive with people. Average age of a person was 4000 years because their breath was so slow. They were most of time doing pranayama and that was the secret of Long life. How long you will hold the breath by Pranayam teqnique the long your age will automatically increase. It’s also scientifically expalined on NCBI US federal health care federal agency

2) Tretayuga – This Yuga come after complete destruction of Satyuga, by heavy rain. Because of Satyuga people were already trained onnPran vidhya so they reborn and try to re-established by them but still because of this Yuga people had highest elements of “Water” they will be born with Ahankar, Lobha. In this Yuga Vishnu has to born to re-establish the Dharma and he will setup ecology again as Satyuga. Which is being done by Rama and Parshuraam.
This Yuga people average life would be 1000 years.

3) Dwaparayug- because Tretayuga will be served by Lord Vishnu and Rudra so complete distribution won’t take place. Dwaparyuga people will be affected by Kama, Krodha, Lobh Moha and people will born with mix of Rajas+Tamas Tatva. In Dwapar Yuga the average Human life would be 300 years

4) Kalyug- After Dwaparyuga Lord Vishnu will Go for Yoga Nidra to accomplish the New recycling system of earth so Kalyuga will be completly managed by Kaal/ Rudra. People will born with Shuddha Tamas tatva so nature won’t mercy om Karma Genral age in kalyuga will start from average of 100 years but at the end of Kalyug it will be limited to 40 years.. people will be full of ego, Loot, Killing and all other Dosha and Bramhahatya will be influenced by Whole Negative energies who were died in Treta and Dwapar but they left their “Auric Body” on earth becaise they were not librated. They don’t believe in god but they will worship fear and follow the Evils. So they will manipulate souls for sinsand people will lose control on their own Few many vaishnav and Shiva bhaktas

who will follow the naam Jap, daily Yoga and pranayam will be served by Lord Vishnu Ansh and Rudra but all other evil energy will completely occupy the earth and system
They will destroy the ecology for their own lust and intrest, earth will lose rivers and trees,

they will develop artificial way to love life but still they will die early
Due to enough Sins and adharma The Agni tatva will be turn into tamsik form and earth will be burnt and destructed by Sun blast and whole universe will collapse.

After that Bramha will again clone and create the Universe for life and again the cycle will be restarted and we will born and recycle.


  1. Dwaparyug comes after Satyug & Tretayug comes after Dwaparyug. Yug Names speak of the sequence – Sat – first, Dwa – Dwo – Do – Two, Tre – Thri – Three & Kalyug is obviously last one.

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