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We have been told that Maharaja Jaichand was a traitor and even his name has been used as synonyms for traitor by both RWs and LWs.

But was he really a traitor? Let’s find out!

He became a King in 1170 and is considered last great king of his dynasty.

He had the largest territory and even muzzie Historians were struck by his power.

Now let’s come to theory.

“JaiChand invited Ghori to attack Prithviraj Chauhan”


  • No inscriptions mention this
  • No muzzie historian talks about this

All of that theory of Jaichand being a traitor comes from Prithviraj Raso which is not widely accepted by Historians.



Heck even a proper conflict between prithviraj and jaichand lacks evidence , Which means that they were just rivals/Unfriendly.

Invasion of this country was inevitable.

Now let’s come to Muzzie sources

Tabakat-I-Nasiri is vocal about defeat of Maharaja Jaichand but no details of “invitation to Ghori by Jaichand” is given. 

Taj-ul-masir calls Jaichand as chief of idolatry and mentions the battle but again no details of invitation are given.

Now let’s talk about contribution of Maharaja Jaichand.

He was the one who built the Ram mandir (Vaishnava temple) at Ayodhya as noted in below inscription.

This inscription also played a huge role in deciding the Ram Mandir case in favour of Hindus .

Maharaja Jaichand was a true patriot , such a shame that today we have reduced his name to a mere traitor for something that never happened.

Conclusions :

  • Maharaja Jaichand wasn’t a traitor
  • He built Ram Mandir at Ayodhya
  • He lost his life while protecting his motherland.

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