What is Bharatiya Maths and How Can It Help India?

What is Bharatiya Maths and How Can It Help India? – Jonathan J. Crabtree (Aussie Indic Math Guru)

“Namaste to all Indian Rover readers from Melbourne, Australia. Whilst I am an Aussie, my goal is to decolonize India’s primary-level maths education. To do this I have visited India three times to give lectures on what I call Podometic Bharatiya Maths.

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As a maths historian and researcher, I have studied the evolution of elementary mathematics for 38 years. My conclusion is that for India to become a Vishwaguru (world teacher) again as Prime Minister Modi wishes, there is a simple path forward. Let me explain…

The world’s universal language is mathematics. What I have done, with a lot of help from others, is to rebuild the foundations of elementary mathematics. I did this from writings of Āryabhaṭa, Brahmagupta, Bhāskara and others. As a result, I am making Arithmetic (British Maths) obsolete and updating it as Podometic (Bharatiya Maths).

My goal, and what I have been working for since the early 1980s, has been to change the way the world understands the basics of mathematics. Notably, these new elementary maths foundations are built upon Brahmagupta’s 18 Sutras of Symmetry from his 628 CE mathematics and astronomy text, Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta.

To decolonise Indian education in this culture war, strategically the best approach is to attack where the world will be on India’s side. Nearly all countries struggle with mathematics education. So, fix primary level maths education in India, get results, and
the world will willingly follow.

Interestingly, in 2009 China’s 15-year-olds ranked number one in the world for mathematics. Yet, India ranked 73rd ahead only of Kyrgyzstan. Perhaps the key difference between China’s and India’s maths education is China’s was not created by the British.

Importantly, there is a massive need to improve India’s primary level maths education. India needs to solve its many problems such as drought, climate change, pollution, congestion, agriculture, and chronic poverty.

Mathematics is the foundation upon which science, technology, engineering, and AI is built. So, the solutions to India’s problems over the next 50 years will be scientific solutions. So, as a prerequisite science will need the best mathematics education in India’s schools and that is Bharatiya Maths!

I have given many lectures on the need to de-colonise British primary-level mathematics, not just in India but throughout the world. Now, I have a free course coming up that will be available in India on gurudakshina type of pricing to honour India’s ancient gurus and rishis.

Now that India has a new Union Education Minister in Shri Dharmendra Pradhan ji, my goal is to work towards bringing about a transformation in Indian mathematics education. I have done all the research out of Arabic, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin, Ancient Greek, and many other languages. I have done more research, which is why I am welcome when I give lectures in India at mathematics conferences and universities and schools.

I am doing everything in my power to bring about this change in India and yet I just need your readers’ help. India can be a Vishwaguru again in the area of mathematics. The world will absolutely worship India because the world needs help with its mathematics
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