World’s First Empress Nagnika - Kaushiki Shukla

Wife of Satakarini who was the emperor and belonged to Satvahan Vansh.

Satakarini died at very young age so the empire was controlled and managed by his wife Nagnika.

She made her empire prosperous and ruled their by following Hindu tradition and customs.

Maharashtra, Konkan & Karnataka was included in The territory of Satvahan.

Empress Nagnika was not only efficient in war strategy instead she was also expert in administration.

In the rule of Satvahan India had to face many battles Satakarni had also died in a battle at that time Nagnika controlled herself in such situation and took all the responsibilities of the empire on her shoulders.

Nagnika assured that no one in her state life fearfully and maintained the dominance of his Rule in Akhand Bharat. Robert Walson has named her world’s first empress.

She not only defeated her enemies but also eliminated and destroyed them so they could never attack India. She managed Ek-Chhatra Shasan in India and never let any enemy stand in front of her.


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