Yajñaseni ( Draupadi)

Her name was Yajñaseni. Maharshi Dhomya(धोम्य) had made her Avbhrat Snana.

Her birth was not a normal thing.

She was अग्निजा (Born from Agni).

Draupadi did not had idea of mother’s milk and she was not born for it.

She knew her purpose even before being born.

It’s said that she burnt black by Fire Flames.

She was dark that why she got Name कृष्णा and this wasn’t only merit of her to be a great Maitri of Shree कृष्ण.

Her qualities made her better than Subhadra(सुभद्रा) and

honorable in front of Shree कृष्ण.

But this wasn’t her glory this wasn’t the reason for being superior in Panchkanyas पंचकन्या.

The reasons were her LIfe, her Decisions, her Revenge, her Drishti, her kindness, her splendor, her Love, her Bravery, Mahabharata was incomplete without it.

She is standing as tall as King Yudhishtira(युधिष्ठिर).

Draupadi was like a furious Nagin & terrifying in front of Dhritrashtra(धृतराष्ट्र) and his Children.

She was Yajñaseni which never fall in Moh or distracted from her purpose.

Draupadi was the energy behind the force in arms of mighty Bheem(भीम), sharp edge of Arjuna’s(अर्जुन), arrows, She was tip of Yudhishtira’s(युधिष्ठिर), spear, She was Sahadeva’s(सहदेव) Khadag’s(खड़ग) tongue.

Once Madhava told her that there is no one who is eligible to be her Swami.

This was the reason she didn’t failed in finding arjuna’s arrows even when Arjuna was in attire of a Brahmin.

She stood alone against Karna(कर्ण) and Duryodhana(दुर्योधन) when they were about to being selected in Swayamvar even her father Drupad and brother Dhrishdhyumna(द्रष्टद्युम्न) were confused about stopping them.

Put yourself in the shoes of Draupadi. It feels terrifying.

She was distributed among 5 brothers by her mother-in-law but she didn’t blamed instead she wanted to know the decision of her Father.

The Woman better than everyone else.

How mighty she must be to make all Dharmacharyas and Mahabalis speechless in that assembly.

It was Draupadi who established the existence of Women beyond men.

She was Draupadi who said “I have chosen Swami not Swami has chosen me.” and remember the one who chooses is always more capable.

It was Draupadi who established that a Patni is सहचरी (Partner) not Property.

She was Draupdi who drew line of modesty for the future generations.

She was blessed to be Annapurna.

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Draupadi was the one who drove away the brother-in-law of 105 brothers.

It was Draupadi who soaked her hairs from the blood of Keechak. Can you imagine the courage?

It was Draupadi who teach Dharmaraj Yudhistir to stick to the Dharma.

Draupadi always knew that the great war was coming and she was brave enough to bear it with firmness and acknowledge the fact without any hesitation.

It was Draupadi that Bhishma honoured by sacrificing Prana.

It was Draupadi who washed her hairs with the blood of Dussashan and terrified Dhratrashtra and Gandhari. Draupadi forgave Ashwatthama who killed her 5 sons. Can anyone do this?

There is no alternative for #Yajñaseni

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There is no one like Yajñaseni. Yajñaseni came only once.

The world couldn’t bear the pain of Mahabharta again.

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