Yet Another Reminder

Yet Another Reminder - Vartika Baranwal

It has been said often,

I’ll put it again though,

Lest it’s forgotten.


Here comes the festival that celebrates goddesses,

And reminds us of women being equals.

But let us all remember the horrifying rapes and murders, the violence and assaults,

And pledge there won’t be any sequels.


Shorts, or lipstick, or being alone

-None of them is an invite.

Let us educate our sons and daughters

That asking for consent is always right.


Yes, it is a patriarchal society we live in,

But let’s change that ‘is’ to ‘was’;

For women are capable of running a household,

And also of fighting for a cause.


It’s sad to think about the state of affairs;

We live in the 21st century at present.

People are talking about robots taking over,

Yet, Feminism is still very relevant.


So, this Durga Puja

Let us all initiate:

Whether it is a man or a woman,

Do not discriminate.

 Bio :

Vartika Baranwal is based in Varanasi. Currently, is a sophomore in college pursuing a B.Sc. degree. She is  not much of a talker, and find it much easier to express herself through writing. As such, she absolutely adore weaving words into poems and stories. Additionally, reading is one of her absolute favourites- she find it interesting to live life from another person’s perspective. Another favourite is movies, especially thrillers. She believe literature, movies, and all art forms in fact, make the world much more beautiful and help you be more at peace with it.