Yoga And Upanishads - Merrill Bhowmick

Let’s analyse the functioning mind of a worldly occupied person and the mind of a Yogi. Let’s discover some similarities if any or, how they differ from each other. Although, talking about “the mind” Yogi has no place or a stand because, for a yogi, the body and the mind are separated from the pure existing self. But this blog would be on how the mind functions and what are the extra locks or keys in Yogi’s mind which makes a being so adorable and Priestley.
A philosophical view to understanding the functioning of these two different sorts of mind is by taking the example of the river. The river in the monsoon season has a much higher volume of water which is flowing vigorously, that is compared to the mind of a worldly occupied person. There are so many thoughts flowing, that are not in control and are also changing very fast. Also when there are landslides the river gets muddy, and then this drinkable water cannot be used by us, nor can we offer it to someone. Here, the worldly occupied person has all feelings from the surroundings which makes the mind muddy. This muddy mind of a worldly occupied person can neither be used for self nor for someone else & which makes the worldly occupied person unhappy and the surroundings also unhappy. This texture of knowledge is very dangerous as we don’t know where this mind, possessing such knowledge is going to take us; depression, random age suicide, and many such ends. John Milton said, “The the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
Now the same river in the winter flows very slow and in a controllable state with the amount of water also being less. This defines a Yogi’s mind, where only a few but well-chosen thoughts which are consciously chosen flow under controllable consciousness. Also, sometimes the whole river stops flowing & it’s like Samadhi when a Yogi can also stop the thoughts coming into the mind. A Yogi’s mind is such that if a quarter is thrown in the river, the denomination of the coin could be easily read. This is how a crystal clear mind does the Yogi possess. This mind is positive clear and calm. Also, the river in the winter is so pure that while we ourselves can drink that water, we can also offer it to others. Same is with the presence of a Yogi. It not only gives peace to oneself but people in the surrounding also feel that happiness and joy. 
In Puranas, there’s a depiction of how a lion and a tiger sits peacefully together in the Ashrama. The yogic mind takes us to that goal which we want to achieve, even if it’s a worldly occupied goal. 
This could only be explained by such philosophical example as it is beyond the scope of analytics and statistics as we won’t ever be able to understand the pure feeling or essence of a Yogic mind.

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