Yoga : The Health Manager - Nilima Roy Chowdhury

The first impression about the ‘Yoga’ word comes into the majority people’s mind is ‘ASANA ‘ but  is  it  the  truth!

No, actually Yoga is like a stool with three legs: Asana or physical postures, Dhyan or meditation and Pranayama or conscious breathing control.

In 1947 the World Health Organization defined health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’. Do most folks take that expansive view? No,  normally our impression about health is only physical health. 

Everything is happening in this world twice, first in our mind and then in action. But the irony is that the majority of us never think to keep ourselves mentally healthy. We people generally do try to keep ourselves healthy by physically only and some of us even don’t think about this. That means even those who are doing physical exercises and doing timely health checkups, are partly healthy not completely healthy. 

So by practicing asana we can keep ourselves physically healthy. Similarly by practicing meditation we can keep ourselves mentally healthy. Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply and focusing one’s mind for a period of time. While there are many forms of meditation but the ultimate goal is a feeling of relaxation and inner peace, which can improve mental health and can control our emotions & thoughts. 

According to a Harvard University meta analysis of two hundred articles in 2012, optimism might correlate with cardiovascular health and even may decrease the rate of the disease progression. The proper breathing technique is crucial for optimal health and most of us still aren’t getting it right. The breathing techniques and patterns are regularly advocated for the relaxation, stress management, control of psycho physiological states and also to improve the organ function. The brain represents only 2% of our body weight, it receives only 15% of the cardiac output and consumes 20% of the total body oxygen. 

So by adopting the proper breathing pattern, we can enhance the oxygen supply to our brain. Roger Federer’s breathing technique is one of the greatest example.  Yoga is the only instrument that can balance the mind and body both. By doing yoga anyone can control their mind & body and can become healthy mentally as well as physically. As mentioned if we are mentally healtl1y, we will become automatically physically healthy. By practicing yoga anyone can become the manager of their own mental and physical health. So we 1st should love ourselves, do yoga and think positive and contribute to the society; with the combination of all these things we can become fully healthy by mentally, physically and socially forever.

Remember a magical world is waiting for you!!


Nilima Roy Chowdhury  is an Assistant Professor, Clinical Research  in Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) , Mumbai.She has worked as Product and Quality Manager in Fineotex Chemical Limited , Mumbai , as Quality Assurance Manager in Khanna Engineers, New Delhi , as  Clinical Research Associates in Max Neeman International , New Delhi and as Clinical Research Coordinator in Dharamshila Hospital Research Centre , New Delhi .  She is also a certified yoga teacher , Yoga Alliance USA . 

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